The Horizon

Students portray characters during Spring Ball

Cendra Stacey, criminal justice and psychology senior, president of the Asian Pop Culture Club and cosponsor of the Spring Ball, dresses as Yoda and holds a green lightsaber in one hand.

Brandon Looney, Staff Reporter

March 29, 2016

IUS students cosplayed --took on the appearance and personality of -- science fiction, fantasy, anime and video game characters during the Spring Ball. The Castle Club, the Gamers’ Society, the Asian Pop Culture Club, and non-affiliated sponsor and former student Michael Hartsfield held the Spring Ball ...

Castle Club and Asian Pop Culture Club hold Triwizard Tournament

Students talk before the next match of the Triwizard Tournament on Thursday, March 3.

Connor Edrington, Staff Reporter

March 21, 2016

Some students are on campus late in the evening, but seeing them run around on brooms through the open field may cause people to turn and take a second look. The Castle Club and the Asian Pop Culture Club held the Triwizard Tournament on Thursday, March 3 at 8 p.m. on Frisbee Field by McCullough Plaza, and about 25 people atte...

A Night of Spells

Molly Weasley’s Rock Cakes were available for attendees to snack on.

Autumn Hockenbury, Staff Reporter

February 7, 2016

IU Southeast students and community members stepped into Harry Potter’s world during the IUS Bookstore’s Harry Potter Book Night. They dueled with wands, dressed as characters and objects in the Harry Potter series, drank Polyjuice Potion and completed other activities related to the series. The...