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Grenadiers get chopped down

IUS Horizon April 8, 2012
The IUS baseball team was narrowly defeated by the Mighty Oaks of Oakland City University, with a final score of 10-9 on April 2. “I think they just showed up here because they had to,” Ben Reel, IUS baseball head coach, said. “They didn’t show up to win.” However, the Grenadiers put up a strong fight before the end of the game.

Grenadiers beat Red Wolves, will fight again

IUS Horizon April 1, 2012
The IUS men’s tennis team demolished the IU East men’s tennis team, 9-0, on March 18, at the IUS Tennis Court. The Grenadiers played eight games in doubles and eight sets in singles. “We’ve been working on doubles,” Yancey Walters, IUS men’s tennis head coach, said. “The highlight of this game were the doubles.”

Student shares political views

IUS Horizon March 18, 2012
Sean Welch, political science senior and president of the IUS Civil Liberties Union, said he believes the U.S. is facing a moral dilemma known as inequality. “Obviously not everyone is going to be completely equal,” Welch said. “Some people are going to be taller than others; however, there should be some sort of equitable beginning." Welch said he believes income equality should become a reality in the U.S.

Writing inspires life path

IUS Horizon March 11, 2012
Patricia Spencer, consultant for the Writing Center, said she has passions ranging from helping students with their papers to reading cutting edge books on science. “I never set out to become a writer, but my life’s path led me to it,” Spencer said. This path began when the Writing Center was first opened at IU Southeast.

ONE calls for used phones

IUS Horizon February 26, 2012
ONE, a coalition of student organizations, began a drive called, “Donate a Phone, Save a Life,” for students to give up their old cell phones for aid relief workers in Kenya. ONE is an international organization that attempts to fight poverty, hunger and disease around the world, with a focus on Africa. Hope Phones is ONE’s most recent international campaign. “Hope Phones is all about collecting old cell phones and getting them to aid workers in Kenya,” Victoria Bennet, political science senior and president of ONE, said.

Scarce space creates need for new lodge

IUS Horizon February 20, 2012
A sixth lodge will be built in August 2013 at IU Southeast to accommodate more students who want to live on campus. Currently, there are no vacancies in IU Southeast’s five other dorms. “We have space for 399 students to live on campus,” Jen Crompton, assistant director for Residence Life and Housing, said. “The new building will most likely be the same size as our larger buildings — Meadow, Orchard and Woodland — so it will hold 87 students.”

Students turn new pages in old books

IUS Horizon January 29, 2012
During the Altered Book closing reception on Jan. 20, students were able to see many pieces of 3-D art created from the pages of books. “I like how it shows books that wouldn’t normally be read.” Kate Moore, coordinator of electronic resources of the IUS Library, said. Moore reserved the space in the IUS Library art gallery for the event.

Open Books discussion debates ‘The Great Gatsby’

IUS Horizon January 22, 2012
Class, wealth and old money were some of the many topics brought up during the Open Book discussion of “The Great Gatsby” on Jan. 13. Jacqueline Johnson, coordinator of Collection Development of the IUS Library, led the discussion. “Open Books is a reading group that meets the second Friday of each month in the IUS Library,” Johnson said.
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