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Artwork showcased at the event by Riegger. They describe this piece as ​This installation is a body narrative piece of a burdened back with knots, tightness, and a history of labor-intensive activity.

Uncommonly Honest

Kara Wright and Chelsey Elswick October 31, 2022

Growing up in Michigan, Carly Riegger battled constant pain in their weak muscles and aching joints.   “I was trying to be as able-bodied as possible and it was killing me,” Riegger said, recounting...

Photo provided by Rebekkah J. Meixner-Hanks.

“The Laramie Project” is a raw and emotional theatrical take on a real-life tragedy

Sydney Randall, News Editor December 17, 2019

In 1998, Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old gay college student from Laramie, Wyoming, was murdered by Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson. The events surrounding the tragedy were later written about in “The...

Judy Shepard (left) gestures as she answers a question from an audience member.

Judy Shepard visits IU Southeast, speaks about human rights

Sydney Randall, Staff Reporter October 9, 2019

Judy Shepard spoke about equality, tragedy and inclusivity during her visit to IU Southeast’s Ogle Center on Tuesday, Oct. 8. The event was presented by the IU Southeast Common Experience program. Shepard...

Kim Pelle, holding a physical copy of The Laramie Project, leads a discussion following the showing of the film.

“The Laramie Project” sparks discussion about tolerance and human rights

Sydney Randall, Staff Reporter September 13, 2019

30 students and community members gathered in University Center North on Thursday, Sept. 12 for a special viewing of the movie “The Laramie Project.” The Common Experience Office and the Adult Student...

Brian Sims was the keynote speaker in the Common Experience event “Decision Making and Diversity: Getting Things Done and Bringing People With You.

Diversity advocate Brian Sims speaks in Ogle Center

Kristin Kennedy and Autumn Hockenbury March 20, 2016

Before Brian Sims was a diversity advocate or a Pennsylvania state representative, he had to come to terms with others knowing about his sexuality. While Sims was a captain of his football team during...

Fugees Family coach Luma Mufleh responds to a question posed by Deputy Director of Athletics Denny Williams.

How One Game Can Start Something World Changing

Parker Henes and Ty Simpson September 27, 2015

The IU Southeast Common Experience hosted a special guest on campus last week for their "Building Communities in a Global Society" series. On Sept. 22, Luma Mufleh gave two speeches while on the...

Volunteers voice honest accounts of Africa

IUS Horizon April 1, 2012

The Common Experience event “Volunteerism in Africa” focused on two individuals who volunteered in Africa and their involvement in educating youth. The speakers were introduced by Maria Accardi,...

Nursing professor imparts advice for healthy lifestyle

IUS Horizon January 22, 2012

Jacquelyn Reid, professor of nursing, spoke to students about healthy lifestyles on Jan. 18.  The lecture was part of the Common Experience series. Reid has taught at IU Southeast for more than...

Common Experience: Students characterize social cycles

IUS Horizon December 4, 2011

The graduate students of the Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies class put on a show on Nov. 30 called “Metheopressed or Interdisciplinary Approaches to Social Change,” which was a reenactment...

‘Nightmare’ on Grant Line Road

IUS Horizon January 28, 2009

The Common Experience Movie Night Jan. 13 could have been a nightmare in more than one way. The movie “Darwin’s Nightmare” was to be shown in Meadow Lodge at 7:30 p.m.; however, due to scheduling...

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