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UPDATE — Election results announced

IUS Horizon March 11, 2013

The dust has settled and the results are in: Stephon Moore, political science sophomore, is the new Student Body President of IU Southeast. The SGA presidential election took place during the week of...

IUS promotes political activism

IUS Horizon September 23, 2012
Students discovered how to become more involved and better informed in politics during “Constitution Day: Powering the Individual Citizen,” hosted by the IUS Civil Liberties Union. The event featured a panel of IUS political science professors and a representative from the American CLU of Indiana who shared ways students can take an active stance in government. Stephon Moore, political science and journalism sophomore and president of the IUS CLU, said Constitution Day should be important to students because it impacts their everyday lives.

SGA announces approval of syllabus policy

IUS Horizon April 1, 2012
The Student Government Association announced at its March 22 meeting that the Faculty Senate has approved its Mandatory Syllabus Policy. The approval of this bill represents a significant increase in the influence of the SGA in determining IUS policies. “I believe this is the first piece of legislation the Faculty Senate has approved that has been put forward by the SGA,” Kevin Evans, secondary education junior, SGA vice president and the bill’s sponsor, said.

SGA introduces new bills

IUS Horizon January 29, 2012
The SGA invites students to attend a town hall-style meeting on Feb. 8 to discuss the two bills that have been proposed to restructure the organization. The town hall meeting will be held in Hoosier Room East, from 1 to 2 p.m. The two bills, “49-10 Constitutional Amendment: Elections” and “49-11 Student Ambassador Committee,” have been proposed to restructure the SGA in order to ensure equal representation. “[Bill 49-10] basically takes our Senate and expands it from 24 to 28 seats,” Stephon Moore, journalism freshman, SGA press secretary and co-author of the bill, said. “It gives two seats to every school, two seats to undecided students, leaves six seats at-large, and leaves four seats open for incoming freshman.”
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