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Can I take your picture for the paper?

Can I take your picture for the paper?

Faces of IUS - Signing Off
Marisa Gartland, Photography Editor April 18, 2016

I started Faces in the Fall of 2014 to replace an outdated recurring piece in the Horizon. Inspired by Brandon Stanton’s “Humans of New York,” I wanted something quick and easy to read that showed...

Josie was knocking out some math homework  and relaxing in the lounge area outside of the Chancellor’s office.

Faces of IUS

Marisa Gartland, Photography Editor February 22, 2016

Josie Stephens Sociology Freshman Tyler Dattilo Sociology Senior

Drawing/Painting Junior 

Toby was still sitting in a studio after a class had ended, working on a painting of his wife, Tammy.

“I can come here almost any day of the year and get away to paint.”

“Too many people in this world are inactive. You have to live in order to live.”

Faces of IUS

Staff, Staff January 26, 2015

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