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Halloween is a Disappointment 40 Years in the Making

Halloween is a Disappointment 40 Years in the Making

This update of the classic slasher franchise fails to clear the low bar set by its predecessors
Stephen Simmons, Staff Reporter October 25, 2018

The original Halloween, directed by John Carpenter, is one of the most revered and influential films in the horror genre. It is credited with introducing the “final girl” trope, in which the last woman...

The sign introducing the event at the beginning of the trail.

Kentuckiana community gathers for annual Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular

For the 6th year, roughly 5,000 pumpkins are being carved and lit in Iroquois Park in spirit of Halloween
Natalie Allen, Staff Reporter October 15, 2018

Gather your families and celebrate the season with glowing festive pumpkins. The Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular in Louisville is an event that has grown largely over the years, bringing in thousands...

Holly Johnson, one of the directors of The Friends of the Culbertson Mansion and the creature featured left, gave some encouraging words to other hauntly, death looking actors for opening night Friday, Sept. 28.

Boo Factor Rises with “Literally, a Haunted House”

A preview of a Demonic Possession themed haunted house that raises money for the Restoration of the Culbertson Mansion
Candace Leilani, Staff Reporter October 7, 2018

You stand, signing your life away as you are blessed by Father Dan with holy water before being confronted with the humans prepared to scare you. But it is all for a good cause! In exchange of your...

Partygoers talking among themselves during the Halloween Party. Later, they would take to the dance floor and dance to some hit dance songs.

Asian Pop Culture Club hosts Halloween Party

Samuel Voyles, Staff Reporter October 30, 2016

People decked out in their best Halloween costume showed up for the Asian Pop Culture Club’s (APCC) annual Halloween Party located in the Hoosier Room on Oct. 24 at 6:30 p.m. Many students showed up...

Palmyra family brings haunted house outside

Laura Hubrich, Staff October 29, 2014

In the small town of Palmyra, Ind. lives Sandy Sinclair. For the past 13 years Sinclair has gone above and beyond when decorating her home for major holidays. This Halloween she has over  46 blow-up decorations...

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