Asian Pop Culture Club hosts Halloween Party


Samuel Voyles

Partygoers talking among themselves during the Halloween Party. Later, they would take to the dance floor and dance to some hit dance songs.

Samuel Voyles, Staff Reporter

People decked out in their best Halloween costume showed up for the Asian Pop Culture Club’s (APCC) annual Halloween Party located in the Hoosier Room on Oct. 24 at 6:30 p.m. Many students showed up to the party wearing costumes ranging from vampires to characters from movies and television shows.
Marissa Ellis, English freshman, attended the party dressed as Deadpool, a character from the Marvel Comics universe. She said she wanted to hang out with her friends who were attending the party.
“I did get to see a couple of my friends,” Ellis said. “One of my friends is not at the party, but another one is and I got to see his costume. It was pretty neat.”
Ellis also said she liked the pizza and candy that was at the party.
Many partygoers stood chatting next to one of the tables with pizza or candy on it before going out and hitting the dance floor while some of their favorite dance-along songs played in the background.
Stephanie Devore, graphic design senior and treasurer of the APCC, said dancing with friends was her favorite aspect of the party.
“When we play the really simple tunes like the electric boogaloo and stuff,” Devore said. “That’s a dance where everybody can get together. It’s something that anyone can do.”
Samuel Glesing, political science junior, sat at the table where attendees signed in. He said his job was to make sure people wrote down their names before they proceeded into the party.
“For clubs, when you have an event, you have to know how many people were there for ichips and stuff like that,” Glesing said. “Plus it makes it easier for us to just be able to say we had this many people.”
Glesing and Devore said the attendance, which was over 100, for this year’s Halloween Party broke the record for the most people attending one of their events.
“We tend to get about fifty people,” Devore said. “We try to hold Halloween events every semester.”
Feedback is also received from people attending the party. Devore said in the past, the APCC held a student survey where students were able to send in their feedback on the Halloween Party specifically. Devore said it has been successful in years past.
“We might do that again this year,” Devore said.
The APCC wants to receive feedback from not only those who attended the party, but also from their own members. Olivia Linders, biology senior and Vice President of the APCC, said feedback from their own members is just as crucial as feedback from the attendees when planning for the next year’s party.
“It does ultimately come down to the officers,” Linders said. “But everyone’s input is encouraged so it does turn out to be a fun party.”
Linders also said the planning phase begins with the group discussing possible themes of the upcoming party.
“I suggested asylum theme because it really covers a wide variety of things,” Linders said.
Linders said after a theme is settled on, or not settled on, the next step of the planning process is to buy decorations, candy and other necessities for the party. After that, Linders said advertising for the event came, which she was not a part of.
“The Castle Club, Gamer’s Society, the a capella group and the Dining Hall helped with additional advertising to help get the word around,” Linders said. “There were posters, flyers, social media and word of mouth.”
Linders also talked about what her favorite aspects of the Halloween Party was.
“I myself am obsessed with Halloween and all things to do with it,” Linders said. “So just the idea of everyone being creative, coming up with their own costume and to see the variety of what everyone can do. It’s really interesting to see everyone show up.”
The APCC will be hosting a Karaoke Night on Thurs, Nov. 10 from 7-10 p.m. in UC 127. More information on the Karaoke Night is located on the IUS website or on the APCC’s website.