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IUS Celebrates Culture at the International Festival

The Hindu Sacred Dance group’s performance included live performances of traditional Hindu dances and a vocal performance of a traditional Hindu song. According to the group, dance is considered an offering to a deity and was performed by temple dancers called “devadasis” who dedicated their lives to the sacred art.

Kristy Fennessey, Staff Reporter

March 22, 2017

The tantalizing sound of foreign music and the enticing smells of exotic food filled the Hoosier Room Tuesday evening at IU Southeast’s annual International Festival held by the Office of International Programs at IU Southeast. According to Valerie Scott, senior lecturer in psychology and co-director of Int...

Asian Pop Culture Club hosts Halloween Party

Partygoers talking among themselves during the Halloween Party. Later, they would take to the dance floor and dance to some hit dance songs.

Samuel Voyles, Staff Reporter

October 30, 2016

People decked out in their best Halloween costume showed up for the Asian Pop Culture Club’s (APCC) annual Halloween Party located in the Hoosier Room on Oct. 24 at 6:30 p.m. Many students showed up to the party wearing costumes ranging from vampires to characters from movies and television shows. Marissa...

She’s Got Them Dancing

She's Got Them Dancing

Kristy Fennessey, Staff Writer

September 13, 2016

In Jane Blum’s class, there are no pencils and there is no paper; instead, students are expected to bring with them some natural rhythm and the willingness to experience something new. “Today I will begin Waltz for the 15th time,” Blum exclaimed. It was 20 minutes before her fir...