The Horizon

Editor arrives at graduation via road less taken

December 4, 2011

I have reached the end of my time on The Horizon and at IU Southeast. It still really has not hit me that I will be leaving, and it is even harder to fathom that I will soon obtain my bachelor’s degree...

Choice rules, fighting for freedom to choose

November 6, 2011

My beliefs are based on freedom of choice. One of the largest issues we combat as citizens is the fight for rights. Many believe the first amendment covers such rights, however, freedoms get chipped...

Corporate greed creates nation of negligence

October 10, 2011

Hundreds of protesters chanted, “I am the 99 percent,” at a public park in downtown Louisville on Oct. 4. The protesters are participating in Occupy Louisville, which is part of a nationwide moment...

Say What- Leah Tate 9/26/11

September 26, 2011

Buying local saves on costs, improves health

September 26, 2011

For every dollar spent, 68 cents goes back into the community when a customer makes a purchase at a local business. When a customer makes a purchase at a national chain, however, 43 cents of every dollar...

More students, more dorms

August 28, 2011

It was a bittersweet event for the Garrett family during Move-in Day as they helped Haley Garrett, nursing freshman, move into her new dorm room in Forest Lodge during Move-In Day Aug. 25. This...

Local café provides more than coffee

August 28, 2011

A new local coffee shop has made a home and a statement on Grant Line Road in New Albany. With a focus on local, organic, anti-animal cruelty and fair trade, Stacie Bale, owner of Earth Friends...

Annual festival displays various cultures

March 8, 2011

The IUS International Festival showcased a variety of culture and cuisine on March 1 in the Hoosier Room. This was the 16th year for the festival hosted by the International Program. The festival represented...

Concert update: Lil’ Wayne, Nicki Minaj to perform for Little 500

March 3, 2011

Grammy award-winning, multi-platinum recording artist and producer Lil’ Wayne will headline the official concert for IU Bloomington’s Little 500 with a performce on April 12 at 7 p.m. The event is...

Wait longer, find self before tying the knot

February 8, 2011

After a long hiatus, I’m dabbling in the dating scene again. I dodged society’s pressures by not getting married in my 20s and gave myself a few years of growth. I replaced my second half, aside from...

Religious intolerance divides, works against us

November 7, 2010

It’s sad to think the one thing that can save someone can also be the death of them. Religion has brought power and restored faith to many in desperation and need but has also been the catalyst to persecution,...

Military funeral protests stirs trouble

October 19, 2010

Our country cannot condone “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” signs 300 feet away from military funerals. A fundamentalist and non-denominational family group has formed their own church named Westboro...

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