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Indiana eligible voter turnout in 2014. 
Graphic by Daniel Vance. Modified by Kristin Kennedy.

Examining voter turnout patterns

Kristin Kennedy, Social Media Coordinator November 2, 2015

During this year’s election, many citizens will stand in line to vote candidates into office. According to statistics, though, the lines may be short. Over the last couple of years, the statistics...

Local elections result in education changes

IUS Horizon December 2, 2012
The recent changes in state elections could have a large impact on the IUS campus, as well as the state of Indiana for future years. New Superintendent of Public Instruction While Nov. 6 marked re-election for President Barack Obama, local Indiana elections also resulted in Democrat Glenda Ritz beating out Tony Bennett, Republican incumbent, in the race for superintendent of public instruction by capturing 52 percent of the vote.
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