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Campus and Local Police locked down IU Southeast Monday evening following the reports of a firearm on campus. Photo courtesy of Scott Davidson, under Creative Commons license.

IU Southeast locked down

Samuel Murphy, Content Editor February 6, 2018

On the evening of Monday, Feb. 5, the IU Southeast campus was locked down due to an incident involving a firearm on campus. According to a statement released in a tweet by IU Southeast, an altercation...

New thumb locks will be added to classroom doors in the coming weeks.

Campus lockdown leads to new door locks

Joel Stinnett, Staff Reporter September 21, 2015

A little more than a year ago, on a rainy September afternoon, a report of an armed individual on campus sent IU Southeast into lockdown mode. On September 11, 2014, a student reported to campus police...



Joel Stinnett, Editor in Chief February 18, 2015

It is Valentine’s Day. The air is filled with hope and love as you walk through IU Southeast’s campus on your way to Woodland Lodge. In your hands is a small box, carefully wrapped in bright red paper...

Police blocked the entrances to Indiana University Southeast after reports of a gunman on campus Thursday afternoon. The false alarm, which was actually a large umbrella in a camouflage backpack, was cleared after about an hour long sweep across campus. Photo by Tyler Stewart/News and Tribune (used with permission).

Learning from lockdowns

Aprile Rickert, Editor-in-Chief September 20, 2014

On the afternoon of Sept. 11, the IU Southeast campus was shaken out of the drizzly day with an alert of an armed person on campus. A student had seen someone walking out of University Center South...

Greg Ezell, Jeffersonville, walks his daughter, Kymber, to their vehicle in the Indiana University Southeast parking lot following a lock-down stemming from reports of an armed gunman on campus. The false alarm was triggered after a student reported seeing what looked to be a gun handle sticking out of a camouflage backpack. Emergency responders arrived on campus around 1 p.m. where they identified the object as a large umbrella and the issue was then resolved.

IU Southeast campus on edge:

Joel Stinnett, Managing editor for digital September 20, 2014

David Baird was on his way to teach his Introduction to Economics course and could tell something was odd. It was just a few minutes after 1 p.m. on a Thursday and the cafeteria in University Center was...

IU Southeast reacts to second campus lockdown within a year

IU Southeast reacts to second campus lockdown within a year

Eli Lossner, Sports Editor September 12, 2014

IU Southeast went on lockdown just after 1 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 11, after a report of a potential armed gunman. This was the second lockdown the campus has experienced within a year; the first was Dec....

IU Southeast students share on social media during lockdown

IU Southeast students share on social media during lockdown

Ashley Sizemore, News Editor September 11, 2014

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