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The “Hope’s Harbor” sculpture sits in front of Knobview Hall and the Ogle Center. File photo by Bryce Shreve.

IUS Releases Clery Act Numbers

Bryce Shreve, Staff Reporter October 30, 2018

One incident of rape and three incidents of dating violence were reported on the IUS campus in 2017, according to data from the Clery Act report released earlier this month. Indiana University’s...

Students attended the seminar on sexual assault prevention.

Greek Law Educates Students on Sexual Assault Prevention

Tessa Arnold, Staff Reporter October 4, 2018

Joey Wilkerson, a third year graduate law student at the University of Louisville, and Georgia Turner, a University of Louisville law alumnus have been doing this seminar for 3 years. The pair travel...

WARNING: Learning May Cause Discomfort

WARNING: Learning May Cause Discomfort

John Boyle , Staff Reporter March 21, 2016

A cultural movement that places a stronger emphasis on the emotional and mental well-being of students emerged at universities across the country in 2015. Students are becoming increasingly aware of...

Safe sex aids in preventing STDs

Safe sex aids in preventing STDs

Tassy Payne, Staff Reporter November 28, 2015

Six boxes of Little Caesar’s Hot and Ready Pizza and Kroger’s ice tea fed the physical hunger while a discussion about safe sex fulfilled students’ sexual hunger. IU Southeast’s Gay-Straight...

Low student presence creates debate uproar

IUS Horizon October 28, 2012
IU Southeast took center stage on Oct. 23 by serving as the location for a second debate between Indiana Senatorial candidates. Hosted by the Indiana Debate Commission, the event took place in the Ogle Center, where nearly 50 TV and radio stations broadcast a live discussion between Democrat Joe Donnelly, Libertarian Andrew Horning and Republican Richard Mourdock. However, limited seating at the debate caused a low amount of attendance for the IUS community.

Politics need separation from religious beliefs

IUS Horizon October 26, 2012
IU Southeast made national headlines when Richard Mourdock, Republican candidate for the Indiana Senate, made a statement saying despite the “horrible situation” from which they occur, pregnancy from rape was “something God intended.” I am a Hoosier, born, raised and, most importantly, proud. When someone who is proposing to be a representative of this great state, says something so incredibly demeaning, it just makes me sad to see how far behind this state is in terms of moving forward politically. Nearly immediately, network news stations and social media began buzzing about the Senate-hopeful’s statement. Mourdock fell in line with other Republican candidates we have been subject to this election season that are trying to negotiate the severity of rape.
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