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IUS Releases Clery Act Numbers

The “Hope’s Harbor” sculpture sits in front of Knobview Hall and the Ogle Center. File photo by Bryce Shreve.
Looking at campus safety — what has improved and what IUS is doing to make it safer
October 30, 2018

One incident of rape and three incidents of dating violence were reported on the IUS campus in 2017, according to data from the Clery Act report released earlier this month. Indiana University’s...

Greek Law Educates Students on Sexual Assault Prevention

Students attended the seminar on sexual assault prevention.
Bystander intervention is an important part of preventing sexual assault from occurring.
October 4, 2018

Joey Wilkerson, a third year graduate law student at the University of Louisville, and Georgia Turner, a University of Louisville law alumnus have been doing this seminar for 3 years. The pair travel...

Sexual Assault: Broadening the Conversation

Jean Abshire, associate professor of political science and international studies encourages sexual assault victims to seek counseling. “It’s not something they have to go through on their own,” Abshire said. “Reach out to others and build a support network. Don’t struggle through it by yourself, and if you can, prosecute.”
January 21, 2017

Last fall, Margot Morgan, an assistant professor of political science at IU Southeast, led a panel of sexual assault survivors called “It’s Not OK.” “This is something we don’t talk about.”...

Sexual assault: Bystander prevention, education and changing the social narrative

Sexual assault: Bystander prevention, education and changing the social narrative
November 16, 2015

On Wednesday, Nov. 11, Audra Dowling, assistant director of residence life, asked passing students to make a pledge against sexual violence by signing their name and what made them "IUStrong," as a part...

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