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Angie Munoz, primary education sophomore, uses her phone during leisure time at University Grounds Coffee Shop. Photo by Meleena Richardson.

How sustainable is the model of your smartphone?

Marc Andry, Staff Reporter March 4, 2019

Smartphones are almost a necessity in today’s society, but how long do they really last? The responsibility of sustaining a smartphone partially falls on the user for taking care of it, but also to the...

Angie Munoz, primary education sophomore, uses her phone during leisure time at University Grounds Coffee Shop. Photo by Meleena Richardson.

Are Smartphones Hurting our Health and Happiness?

Meleena Richardson, Staff Reporter February 16, 2018

Angie Munoz, a primary education sophomore at IU Southeast, begins her phone ritual from the moment her eyes open in the morning until they close at night. “Checking my phone is literally the first...

New technology showcased at Game On 1.5

Brandon Looney, Staff Reporter January 31, 2016

During this semester’s Game On technology festival, called Game On 1.5!, students, faculty and staff used the Oculus Rift, a system for virtual reality, to explore the capabilities of virtual reality...

The Shyness Research Institute, located on the second floor of Crestview Hall.

Overcoming shyness

Ty Simpson, Staff Reporter November 30, 2015

Erin Coffee, journalism sophomore, said there was one defining moment in her youth. It was at the beginning of her eighth grade school year when a student sat next to her on the bus. Coffee, who struggled...

Technology not classified as an adiction

Tina Reed April 14, 2013

Monique Captan said she cannot go 30 minutes without looking at her phone. Captan, advertising junior, said she checks Instagram and Twitter constantly. “It’s terrible, but I feel like my cellphone...

Students collaborate work with new hub

IUS Horizon October 21, 2012
The IT Department added two new collaboration hub tables on the second floor lounge of Hillside Hall. Finished just a week before fall classes began, this source of technology allows students to share individual work from their laptops through a big screen TV. “This is brand new for this campus,” Tom Sawyer, chief information officer for the IT Department, said. “This is as good as you’re going to see anywhere in the country,” Sawyer said. “Nobody else has done it. The company that put this together for us had never done one like this.” The collaboration hub tables work by letting up to four students connect their laptops or tablets to the TV screen by connecting a chord to their computers. The chords are kept in a small black box on the table, which also brings up a touch screen panel.

Graduates relocate to modernized building

IUS Horizon September 9, 2012
During the summer break, the IUS Graduate Center for business and education classes moved to the 300 Building, located in downtown Jeffersonville. The center was previously situated in the McCauley-Nicolas Building and was there for more than 10 years. Alan White, dean of the School of Business, said the move was necessary due to the demand for more classrooms and newer equipment. “We need additional classroom space,” White said. “We needed better fit and finish.”

Professors compare technology, politics

IUS Horizon March 18, 2011

Political science professors met to talk about the digital age and technology’s impact in political processes. Tom Kotulak, associate professor of political science and pre-law adviser, said the right...

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