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NFL Free Agency: Who might get paid?

NFL Free Agency: Who might get paid?

Joshua Breeden, Sports Editor January 29, 2023

As the NFL regular season came to a close and teams were in the midst of reevaluating their coaching staffs and player contracts, the NFL’s 2023 marketplace of free agents was growing with big names...

Editor calls foul on excessive celebration

IUS Horizon September 9, 2012
It is that time of year, sports fans. Swap out your old blue Manning jersey for the new orange one and stock up on your Terrible Towels. It is time for some football. Going into what I hope will be a very entertaining season of football, there is one thing on my mind — what is going to happen in the end zone? It seems like in the NFL more than any other professional team, the players and viewers alike care more about what happens after the receiver catches the ball than the actual play.
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