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Changing how you eat on campus

Changing how you eat on campus

Lori Mundell, Staff Reporter September 8, 2015

The coffee shop on the main level of the library is closed. In its place will be a Subway that the university plans to open by the spring semester, according to Julie Ingram, the manager of conference...

Planner going green, printing getting lean

Planner going green, printing getting lean

Katie Casper, Staff Reporter September 8, 2015

Two big changes that have taken place this fall are the switch to the student digital planners and the decrease in printing allotments. Due to a budget cut of 35 percent, the free student planners provided...

The Grenadier discount

The Grenadier discount

Kayla Smith and Aprile Rickert May 14, 2015

No matter how ugly the picture on a student’s UCard may be, IUS students have many perks and benefits that come with their UCard. From money-saving to an all-around ticket to events, Students can take...

UCard utilizes regional businesses

IUS Horizon February 24, 2013

During the past five years, IU Southeast has provided each student with a universal card that can serve many purposes, known as the UCard. Since the implementation of the UCard, administration at IU...

SGA proposes DVD rental kiosk for students on campus

IUS Horizon November 11, 2012

The Student Government Association met for its weekly meeting on Thursday, Nov. 8. A probationary senator was introduced and another senator was sworn in during the meeting, among ideas and discussions...

IUS community copes with delay in financial aid

IUS Horizon September 9, 2012

For this school year, there will be a delay in students receiving their financial aid, due to a law passed by Congress in December 2011. This new law being implemented by Congress will affect how much...

Meal Plan and UCard Poll

IUS Horizon October 2, 2011

What do you think about the current meal plan and UCard system on campus?

Student arrested for theft

IUS Horizon March 18, 2011

March 14 at 9:39 a.m.After a month-long process, IUS Police arrested a student for theft. Ashley Y. Henderson, a 19-year-old IUS student, was arrested for cashing two checks that didn’t belong to her. On...

UCard debit account has benefits, limitations

IUS Horizon September 27, 2008

Although the debit account function of the UCard may be a useful tool for learning the ropes of personal finance, its usability is still fairly limited.  The UCard serves as personal identification for...

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