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Zeta Phi Beta gather for a picture after the event.

Black Lives Matter Protest Comes to IUS

Jewell Conner, Staff Reporter November 9, 2016

Bodies draped in white sheets litter the ground. Shouts about equality fill the air. These are the sights and sounds from the Black Lives Matter protest. At noon on Wednesday, Nov. 2, IU Southeast students...

Brian Sims was the keynote speaker in the Common Experience event “Decision Making and Diversity: Getting Things Done and Bringing People With You.

Diversity advocate Brian Sims speaks in Ogle Center

Kristin Kennedy and Autumn Hockenbury March 20, 2016

Before Brian Sims was a diversity advocate or a Pennsylvania state representative, he had to come to terms with others knowing about his sexuality. While Sims was a captain of his football team during...

Fugees Family coach Luma Mufleh responds to a question posed by Deputy Director of Athletics Denny Williams.

How One Game Can Start Something World Changing

Parker Henes and Ty Simpson September 27, 2015

The IU Southeast Common Experience hosted a special guest on campus last week for their "Building Communities in a Global Society" series. On Sept. 22, Luma Mufleh gave two speeches while on the...

The Other Side of Homelessness

The Other Side of Homelessness

Aprile Rickert, Contributing Writer April 13, 2015

Victoria Bennett had a plan. In 2010, realizing that she needed to follow her dream of graduating with an IU degree, Bennett, then a political science student at Kennesaw State University near Atlanta,...

The snow day: a thing of the past?

The snow day: a thing of the past?

Kaetln Harrison, Staff writer February 17, 2015

The icy wind whips through your hair as you fly down a snow covered hill; laughing as you plow into a powdery drift at the bottom. Then it happens: you feel a vibration in your back pocket. A notification...

Race and policing

Race and policing

Zak Kerr, Features editor November 3, 2014

Almost three months after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., the city has continued to be the epicenter of racial and policing discussions in America. To bring the discussion to IU Southeast,...

TAKING ITS TOLL: The personal and societal effects of domestic abuse

Paige Thompson, Staff October 21, 2014

Every step is like walking on eggshells. Checking your voicemail only to hear a message about how worthless you are. Getting berated for leaving a light on by accident. This was the life of Kristen*, a...

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