Black Lives Matter Protest Comes to IUS

Zeta Phi Beta gather for a picture after the event.

Jewell Conner, Staff Reporter

Bodies draped in white sheets litter the ground. Shouts about equality fill the air. These are the sights and sounds from the Black Lives Matter protest.

At noon on Wednesday, Nov. 2, IU Southeast students and faculty participated in a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in McCullough Plaza. The protest was organized by Zeta Phi Beta sorority.

Students were covered in white sheets, some with their own names and how they died. These deaths were from recent events, including police shootings that occurred during traffic stops  

As the students and faculty lay covered on the ground, Martina Andrews, criminal justice senior, stood on a table nearby and delivered a speech about how Black Lives Matter and all lives as well. She then stood in complete silence with one arm raised to the sky while looking at everyone around her.