Case of the missing timeline

Hannah Ash

Students may have noticed something – or a lack of something – in the hallway that connects University Center South to University Center North.

The wall which used to be home to a spanning timeline is now bare.

“I miss it,” said Nick Lawrence, business junior. “I used to be able to see a timeline of world events in comparison to IU history.”

Erica Walsh, IUS public relations specialist, said the timeline was removed during the summer. She said it was designed to be temporary.

“We actually left it up a year longer than we planned,” Walsh said. She said the timeline was specifically designed for the university’s 70th anniversary and was never meant to be on the wall for more than a year. Walsh said the university left the timeline up an extra year because people seemed to like it.

Walsh said the timeline was becoming scuffed and scratched and it was time to remove it.

“It made the hallway look bigger,” said Josh Atkins, criminal justice junior. “Now it’s gone and it looks boring.”

Chelsey Fahey, psychology junior, also said she noticed the timeline’s absence.

“I noticed it was gone,” she said. “Now the wall is blank.”

Walsh said the university is open to suggestions for something to put in the space. She said before the timeline, there were posters of the university core values in the hallway.

She said the university likes the idea of having something on the wall in that location, but they are not yet sure what to put there.

Walsh said, “It’s a blank canvas.”