Letter to editor

IUS Horizon


I would like to bring it to your attention that my organization’s name has been printed wrong in this week’s issue of The Horizon. In the “Wii bowling raises big bucks for Big Brothers Big Sisters” article, three organizations were listed as having participated in the event: Campus Life, Financial Aid and Phi Eta Kappa, but Phi Eta Kappa is not an organization on campus. This is a hybrid of two organizations.

The correct name of the organization that participated is Pi Kappa Alpha.

I would also like to note that this is not the first time this reporter has misprinted our organization. In the September 4, 2008, article “Student body mourns death of a student,” we were listed as Phi Kappa Alpha.

To me this would be the equivalent of us putting something in print about The Horizon but calling you “The Verizon,”  two completely unrelated different organizations.

I, along with a couple of the other members, take offense that some of your staff cannot take the time to make sure that the information they are reporting is accurate to the best of their abilities.

It really isn’t that hard to look up what organizations are on campus; a list is available at: http://www.ius.edu/campuslife/involvement/article/Complete_List_of_Clubs_and_Organizations

Thank you for your time.

Brian McDonald
President – Pi Kappa Alpha

Editor’s note: Please see our correction on page 2.