Tips from a librarian


Haley Warwick, Staff

“Our library is bigger than that building on campus,” Jeremy Wells, assistant professor of English said.

Wells said students at IU Southeast may not realize they have access to a vast array of information at the IUS Library.

Wells said the IUS Library offers resources and information available from the entire IU system, so students can take advantage of books and information outside of IU Southeast.

Kate Moore, assistant librarian and coordinator of electronic resources, said there are over 100 online databases for students to use through the library tab on the IU Southeast homepage and the librarians can help with learning how to use these tools.

“Not everything is on google,” Moore said.

Moore said learning more about research affects all levels of education and the librarians are there to help with any questions students may have on finding books or doing research.

Hannah Seals, English senior and work-study student at the IUS Library circulation desk, said the librarians are always willing to help students discover and implement new tools into their research methods.

Seals said she encourages students to ask the reference librarian that is at the front desk on the main floor of the library to help them find the books or information they may need.

“I don’t think enough people use the reference librarian,” Seals said.

Seals said during a normal shift she works at the library for five hours and around 10 people will ask a question out of all the students using the library.

Seals said the librarian can teach students how to effectively use the research methods the library offers, like the IUCAT system.

Moore said a resource new to students is access to streamed video collections available through the IUCAT library catalog.

Students can type in the subject they are researching in the IUCAT and select the streaming video option to view videos on the subject.

“Students can use the IUCAT to find books at the IUS Library or other libraries in the IU system which could be requested by a librarian,” Moore said.

Wells said a tool available to IU Southeast students through the library tab that he uses weekly is the American Periodical Series.

He said the American Periodical Series offers students the ability to see a newspaper or magazine that was printed maybe 100 years ago, which can be a valuable tool for research on many different subjects.

Wells said also available to students is the Oxford English Dictionary that can be easily pulled up through the library tab on the IU Southeast website.He said while the online search of books and content can be convenient, there is something valuable about physically going into the library stacks and searching for a book.

“It’s what a library was like 100 years ago,” Wells said.

Wells said when he goes to search for a book, he often will see other books relevant to his research that he would have not come into contact with had he just searched for one specific book online.

Seals said she also believes exploring the library is a great way to get ideas for research or find interesting things.

“Sometimes I will be putting books up and I will see interesting titles,” Seals said.

Seals said also offered by the library is a closed reserve rental service for students.

“If you forgot your textbook and need to study for an exam your professor may have a copy you can rent,” Seals said.

Seals said students can check out the textbooks from the IUS Library circulation desk and can use the textbooks while in the IUS Library.

Seals said also available to students are laptops and tablets for rent through the IUS Library.

For questions call the IUS Library at: (812) 941-2489.