Moore steps down, Trent Wallace sworn in as president


Joshua Rowe

Stephon Moore and Trent Wallace.

Joel Stinnett, Editor in Chief

Stephon Moore has had many jobs since becoming a student at IU Southeast. He has served on the IUS Chancellor Search Committee, he has worked on the campaigns of candidates running for public office and last year he became a father for the first time.
Last week he removed a job from his list, by resigning from his post as president of the Student Government Association.
Moore announced his resignation via press release late Wednesday afternoon.  The resignation took effect, Jan. 22.
Moore, political science senior, was elected to a second term in April of 2014, receiving 67 percent of the vote.  He said he began thinking about stepping down as president at the end of last semester.
“School started this year and I figured I would give it a run,” Moore said. “But I am trying to fair to everyone, be fair to myself, be fair to my son. I just felt like this was the best thing to do.”
Vice President Trent Wallace, who was serving his first term, was sworn in as president of the SGA during their senate meeting on Jan. 22, replacing Moore.  Wallace, communications junior, says that the SGA will miss the former president.
“He had great year and a half,” Wallace said. “He got the sustainability council running, he got Gus Talks running. He really did a lot to better the students here at IUS.”
Wallace says that for now he does not have any new initiatives that would alter the current path of the SGA. He says that Gus Talks remains a high priority and that they are in the process of planning an end of the school year event.
“We are going to continue to do what we can to benefit the students and to represent the students,” Wallace said.
The new president says he does not yet know if he will run for the 2015-2016 presidency.
In the order of succession, Chris Schoettmer was sworn in as vice-president, Kyle Haus became Senate Chair. The senate pro-tempore position was voted on at the senate meeting and filled by Rebeccah Nesbitt, international studies sophomore.
As for Moore, he says he has some professional opportunities on the horizon, but that he is proud of SGA’s accomplishments while he was president.
“Being able to step out and step back and know that the student government is alive and very well and very active is a good feeling,” Moore said. “Shaking people’s hand after I have helped them, that’s what I’ll miss.”

Read the full press release below.