How to spend a snow day

How to spend a snow day

Paige Thompson, General Assignments Editor

If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing better than being told that you get to 1) sleep in and 2) will not be forced to leave the comfort of your bed.

The snow day brings out the child in all of us. Getting the text from IU Notify that campus has been closed makes you feel all giddy.

Then there’s that awesome wave of relief when you realize that both the speech you were scheduled to give and the exam you were supposed to take have been postponed, giving you more time to prepare – or not. Oops.

As college students, we tend to get even more excited about it since our campus doesn’t necessarily close as often as the area schools do. We just don’t get the luxury of a snow day as often as we used to.

I’m quite a homebody, so any chance I get to literally lay in bed and do nothing I’ll take. Yes please.

However, not everyone is like me. Not everyone will enjoy a snow day because they either can’t bear the thought of staying in their pajamas all day for whatever reason, or because they just don’t know what to do with themselves when given a day off.

That’s why I’m here. As an “expert” in the art of being able to stay home and chill, here are my suggestions of what to do on a snow day.

Option 1: Sleep in. This is the most obvious thing to do on a snow day. Sleep until noon or later. No one is stopping you (I hope). With this kind of weather, you can’t go anywhere anyway; eat up this extra time with sleep. Trust me, your body will thank you. Still have to go in to work? I’m sorry; your boss is a jerk.

Option 2: Two words; movie marathon. Seriously, there is nothing better than laying in bed watching one Harry Potter movie after another. You could even get creative and Google a recipe for Harry Potter inspired “butterbeer” and drink it while you watch the films. Snow days are the perfect days to have a date with your lover. I’m talking Netflix. Get to work on your watch list and relax.

Option 3: Play in the snow. Unleash your inner child and go ham with a snowball fight, sledding or building a snowman. What else do you have to lose?

Option 4: Take a nap. “But Paige, I slept in! How could I possibly take a nap?” It’s not that hard. I slept in and managed to take a two-hour snooze. You’d be surprised how tired your body actually is as a college student. Or maybe not, because we’re all pretty sleep deprived, am I right?

Did you know we have something called a “sleep bank”? Yeah me neither, but we do. Basically if you don’t get enough sleep, you go in debt to your sleep bank, and much like a real bank, it will get what you owe it. So lay down, put on some calming music and pay your debts.

Option 5: Bake! Look up some cookie or cupcake recipes online and spend some time in your kitchen. Baking will take up some of that extra time you have on a snow day and will result in some goodies you can munch on during a marathon of your favorite movies or TV shows.

Option 6: Catch up on your shows. Personally, I get so busy with work and school every day that I get unbelievably behind on the TV shows that I watch. But that’s where the blessing of a snow day comes in. Take the time you would normally spend sitting in class and play catch-up.

Option 7: Do work, son! Literally. I may be a homebody and love to spend a day being lazy, but I too have responsibilities and things to do. Granted, I may not start working on homework and such until 10 p.m. on the snow day, but hey, at least I’m working.

For me, my usual routine is: work, school, work and homework, eat (maybe), sleep and repeat. I don’t usually get a lot of free time to dedicate to relaxing, catching up on some Z’s and working on school stuff.

Snow days give me the chance to not only be a sloth, but to really sit down and play catch up on homework and studying, and since Tuesday brings us another snow day, take some of these options and soak up the snow.