The magic of Ray Adams comes to IUS

Kaitlin Porter, Staff Writer

Stem Hall roared with laughter as Ray Magic Adams, along with his spiked hairstyle, took the stage.

On Thursday, Sept. 8 Adams began his routine with a comical magic and ventriloquism act. Paired with his magic dice and talking drawing, he drew the attention of the audience.

Adams, according to his website, is an award winning Comedic Variety Entertainer whose talents include magic, juggling, comedy, ventriloquism and hypnosis. He has been performing professionally since 2001 and has earned awards like the People’s Choice Award from the Louisville Magic Club.

Sky Guernsey, theater freshman, heard about the event through friends who volunteered her to be Adams’ special assistant.

Guernsey’s job was to be the audience’s eyes. She kept a close eye on a die that was put into a bag that later disappeared.

“I feel like he had pockets inside of the bag, or he did something to manipulate our minds,” Guernsey said.

The answer to Adams trick was never revealed. The many audience members watched in shock as they gasped when the bag was flipped over for the final time scattering seven dice and a bottle of Mountain Dew onto the floor.

“His trick really did surprise me,” Guernsey said. “The slight of hand magic tricks have been my favorite by far, and have been since I was a little kid.”

The main attraction of the show did not happen until the second act.

Adams, a trained hypnotist, picked 21 volunteers from the audience to assist him in the second half.

The auditorium went silent as Adams brought the participants into the beginning stages of hypnosis with soft music playing in the background.

“Breathe in and relax, breathe out and let it go,” Adams said.

Once all participants entered the sleep stage Adams began to put his talents to work.

Jossalyn Deleon, psychology junior, was one of the first to begin. While in the sleep stage, Deleon was told by Adams to forget the number three. Once awakened, Deleon was asked to count her fingers.

“One, two, four, five, six,” Deleon said with a puzzled look on her face.

She spent the rest of the evening trying to figure out where the extra finger came from. Deleon even began counting the fingers of the student beside her.

After the show Deleon said how she now had ten fingers, however when she was on stage she had eleven total. She was still unsure how she counted the extra finger.

As the show progressed the crowd roared with laughter as two male participants slow danced to seductive music. Many audience members soon felt sympathy as one participants cried when she was told by Adams that she had a zit on her face and it was her prom night.

Next up was Lauren Allen, psychology freshman. Allen was told by Adams that she was very thirsty but would be unable to open her mouth. During her attempt to quench her thirst, Allen poured an entire water bottle down her shirt and onto her lap.

Once awoken from the hypnosis, Allen looked down confused at her now wet clothes and empty water bottle sitting at her feet.

“Well I was told I poured it on myself,” Allen said after the show.

By the end of the evening, many students left with smiles on their faces as they watched their peers return to reality. With a standing ovation from many in the crowd, Adams took a final bow and exited the stage.