Macy’s Speakeasy: 10 Bottles Under $10

Macy Allgeier, Staff Reporter

My name is Macy Allgeier.

I am 23 years old from Louisville, KY. Carrie Bradshaw is my inspiration for journalism, fashion and close-knit friends. I lived in Madrid for six months, which turned me into a bit of a wine enthusiast because wine – even good wine – is almost cheaper than water. However, I am not impartial to other alcohols. I believe in supporting local. I also believe a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away. My goal is to write a column about wine, spirits and beer that is fun and informative by taking you inside the top bars, wineries and distilleries!

10 bottles of wine under $10 each:

Grapes. My favorite fruit. Well, after they have been smashed, fermented and turned into wine. Whether you love white wines, red wines, sweet wines or dry wines, I want to help you find top shelf bottles of wine for bottom shelf prices. However, we first must know a little bit about the basics of wine.

People have been drinking wine since the Stone Age. According to Scientific American, primates were enjoying this phenomenon long before we were, that was until we decided to figure out what those drunk monkeys were up to. Wine has come a long way since 4100 B.C., and we have fine-tuned this deliciousness into a variety of types and flavors.

You can learn a lot about a wine from its color. From the different shades of red and pink to white and yellow, the spectrum of color gives you the spectrum of flavor. Usually, the darker the wine the fuller bodied it is. I personally enjoy dry and robust red wines.

Have you wondered why wine experts twirl their glass before drinking? By giving your glasses a couple twirls before taking a sip, it opens up the aromas of the wine so that you can better smell and taste the flavors. Also, by swirling your glass you can take a look at the wine legs (drops of wine trickling down the inside of glass). The more legs the wine has, the higher alcohol content. If you’re curious about the science behind it and want to further your wine knowledge visit Wine Folly.

Now that you have a basic knowledge of wine and can respect the flavor, I have compiled a list of red and white wines under $10 (with the exception of three wines, just over $10 because they were too nice of a deal not to share.) I know Two Buck Chuck and Mad Dog 20/20 are under $10 as well, but my goal was to share some top shelf quality wines at lower prices.

To collect this data, I went to one of my favorite places to shop for wine, which is Meijer! Meijer has a huge selection of wine, are always on sale. And if you buy four or more bottles, you get 10 percent off of your wine purchase!

Be responsible and enjoy! Cheers!

REDS: Name, type- (original price), sale price, ABV%

LIGHTS: Name, type- (original price), sale price, ABV%


Fun Fact: Romans used to use olive to float atop wine to preserve it from oxidation. Thank goodness for wine stoppers!