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Reviewed: Starlight Distillerys Private Reserve Brandy

Reviewed: Starlight Distillery’s Private Reserve Brandy

John Clere, Managing Editor March 4, 2019

Brandy, a distillate of wine, faces unfair biases among consumers. For example, buyers see “apple” on the label of an apple brandy bottle and think the drink inside must taste like apples. But does...

Macy’s Speakeasy: 10 Bottles Under $10

Macy Allgeier, Staff Reporter October 6, 2017

My name is Macy Allgeier. I am 23 years old from Louisville, KY. Carrie Bradshaw is my inspiration for journalism, fashion and close-knit friends. I lived in Madrid for six months, which turned me into...

At Mesa, chefs are able to get live reactions of their customers. [The chefs] lose that in a restaurant, said Rod Juarez, general manager at Mesa.

Mesa – A Collaborative Kitchen

Lydia Wieczorek, Staff Reporter September 16, 2017

Many people dabble in watching cooking shows, wanting to learn a thing or two from a professional about how to cook delicious food from the comfort of their own homes. However, often these meals can be...

Best Vineyards Winery

Morgan Wooden, Content Editor May 1, 2017

Donum Dei

Donum Dei

Deron Linton May 1, 2017
As the craft beer scene continues to expand in Southern Indiana, which has seen four local breweries open since 2015, Otey and Donum Dei are carving out a niche by keeping many of their operations local.

Floyd County Brewing Company

Morgan Wooden, Content Editor May 1, 2017

The Floyd County Brewing Company sits at the corner of 1st and Main Streets in downtown New Albany, Indiana, and is one of the breweries offering craft beer in the Southern Indiana area.

Pearl Street TapHouse

Morgan Wooden, Content Editor May 1, 2017

In downtown Jeffersonville, Indiana, Pearl Street TapHouse stands out. The welcoming atmosphere and extensive beer list make this bar a must-visit.

New Albanian Brewing Company

Morgan Wooden, Content Editor May 1, 2017

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