We’re still waiting

The Horizon still has not received the hazing investigation records we requested Nov. 4. The university has a legal duty to produce these public records, so we again call on the IUS administration to be transparent and release the records.

Following publication of our last editorial, two weeks ago, the university sent us the administrator travel records we requested Sept. 18. The Horizon is reviewing the records.

While we appreciate the production of the travel records, we want to make clear the 69 days it took the university to release these public records is excessive. The four weeks that have passed since we requested the hazing investigation records is excessive, too.

We understand hazing is not something the university wants to be known for. We do not want anyone at our university to experience hazing. We want every IUS student to feel safe and enjoy their time here.

But if there has been hazing, or even accusations of hazing, and the university has records that reflect that, the public has a right to know.

The Horizon strongly believes a public examination of the facts will strengthen our university. This demonstration of transparency by the IUS administration would show the community that our university is not willing to compromise on its stated values, which include a nurturing environment and integrity.

This should be an urgent issue for our university. But instead of urgency, all The Horizon has heard from the administration since our Nov. 18 editorial is silence. This is unacceptable.

Since the editorial, we have heard from several current and former students who have shared not only accounts of hazing, but also stories about related behavior, including other abuse, and even violence.

We know there are more stories out there.

If you have a story to tell – if you believe you were hazed or victimized in some other way, or if you saw or heard something – we want to hear your story. Contact us at horizon@ius.edu.