Students get pumped for politics at Campaign Fair

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IUS students came out to McCullough Plaza on Thursday, Sept. 28, for the Campaign Fair to become familiar with politicians up for election this year.

Volunteers, for various politicians, were there as well as some student groups from campus.

The Campaign Fair gave IUS students a chance to see what they could do for their favorite politician, register to vote or just get familiar with the politicians for election.

Seth Chaleunphonh, dean of Student Life, talks to John Cronin, political science and philosophy senior, talk at the Campaign Fair.
Seth Chaleunphonh, dean of Student Life, talks to John Cronin, political science and philosophy senior, talk at the Campaign Fair.

“It started off being organized as a debate, but the groups wanted more of an information meeting,” Seth Challeunphonh, the new Dean of Student Life, said, “and it gave students an avenue for voter registration.”

The Student Government Association was there to help register students to vote.

“We have had some people come by,” Angel Dyke, SGA senate secretary and psychology junior, said.

If you are not registered to vote yet, but are interested, you can go to the SGA office and someone will be there to help you register.

“Oct. 6 is the last day to register to vote, so you can’t wait until Nov. 4 to register,” James Bonsall, SGA treasurer and business, management sophomore, said.

Many students felt it was important to vote in this year’s election.

“I am voting for McCain,” Robin Moody, nursing junior, said, “it’s essential to vote, because if you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain and I have a lot to complain about.”

The people at the Campaign Fair want to get you involved, Jani Bruner, sociology senior, said.

“It’s important to vote, people don’t realize how much influence they have by voting,” Bruner said.

The College Democrats were there to hand out stickers for Barack Obama and Baron Hill.

“We want to create awareness and let IUS students know about the College Democrats,” Tamara Davis, president of the College Democrats, said.

The College Democrats meet every second Tuesday of the month during lunch hour. Their next meeting is Sept. 9.

Professor Eric Schansberg, who is running for U.S. Congress and an Economics Professor at IU Southeast, was at the Campaign Fair to meet voters and represent the Libertarians.

Two years ago Schansberg had ran as a candidate for the U.S. Congress.

“In this year’s election I hope to get double digits, that would be a national story,” Schansberg said, jokingly.

Volunteers for the Baron Hill booth were at the campaign fair to get students active, provide information and get more volunteers.

“We need volunteers to make phone calls and get out information,” Richard Atnip, journalism senior, said.

One Obama volunteer said he was at the Campaign Fair to help get Obabma elected and change the country.

Bruce Behney, of Louisiville and Obama volunteer, said, “I came over here today, because Indiana is important.”

Behney was telling students about Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention tonight and Obama’s positions.

Chaleunphonh said this will not be the only chance for students to register.

“We have other things in the works for voter registration, like rock the vote.”

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