Some jokes aren’t funny

IUS Horizon

Barack Obama won the presidential election by a landslide. The people have spoken. It was time for change and electing Obama is going to be the change people need. I’m happy my vote was heard and I’m excited to see what he will do in these tough economic times.

With that said, I’ve heard some very unnerving things around campus. Most of them are while I’m talking to classmates before or after class or overhearing people talk among themselves. I understand everyone has their own opinions and should be able to voice them.

However, if your opinion has to do with shooting the newly elected president or moving to Canada because you are upset with how the election turned out, then I can only feel sorry for you, call you foolish and say you are a bad sport. It is un-American to joke about those things. It is tasteless and makes you look like an idiot.

Might I add, you are the minority because you didn’t vote for Obama. Maybe you are threatened by the fact that you are the minority and you can’t accept change. Too bad for you, the majority spoke and you need accept that and have some respect.

Another thing that has been bothering me is the fact that everyone is saying how it’s not a big deal Obama is black. I read in an article that Obama was elected president and he just happens to be black. It said we shouldn’t focus on his skin color because it’s not important. How is having a black president — in the decades America has been a democracy — not a big deal? This is something that is being celebrated and deserves to be celebrated for years to come.

Listening to some of my friends who are black discuss how they feel to have someone from their race run our country, I can only slightly understand how they feel. I will never fully understand.

But I can understand that if the tables were turned and we had just elected the first white president, I would hope America would let me celebrate this significant step in history.

I am not trying to make McCain supporters upset by what I am saying, but some of his supporters need to grow up.

If you really feel you need to move to Canada or Mexico because you think Obama is going to do a poor job, then go ahead. We don’t need or want you in this great nation anyway.

If you think that it’s OK to joke about buying a gun and shooting Obama, maybe you should think about your ethics and morals, because you obviously don’t have any.

You are classless and immature for saying something like that in a classroom and then laughing about it.

I am sorry that I’m so honest and if this upsets you then get over it.

I have said my peace and can only hope people can understand where I’m coming from. You live in a nation where we have a democracy.

It may not be the best government, but we decide who is elected to run it. You should be happy that your voice matters.

And we should all be celebrating this election, for it is only another great milestone for how far we have come. If you are unhappy with the results, try harder in four years.

Broadcast Editor