Adult Student Center open to all

IUS Horizon

Dear Editors,

Adult or not, all of us make mistakes from time to time. However, the broadcast editor, “I am an adult, thank you,” Elle Morgan,  needs to do some research before putting her opinions out there before the public.  I cannot imagine where Morgan got her information that the Adult Student Center is an organization or club on campus a student must join to use the services!  As the coordinator and manager of that facility, she has never interviewed me, nor have I seen her using the center or speaking with those that do.  As a past editor of The Horizon and a journalism major myself, I hope that in the future she will do some research before forming and publishing her opinions.  To correctly inform her and the campus community, please note the following:

Fact: The Adult Student Center is a department under the Office of Campus Life.

Fact: The Adult Student Center and its services are available to all IU Southeast students.

Fact: The Adult Student Center provides academic, social and cultural programs and workshops open to the entire campus.

Fact: Students do not need to meet any criteria to utilize its services.

Fact: There is no membership required.

Fact:  The Non-Traditional Student Union is an organization on campus devoted to the non-traditional student.  Their constitution and bylaws define a non-traditional student as a person who fits any one of the following criteria:  23 years of age or older; out of school for 4+ years; married—with or without children; single parent; works either full or part-time to pay for school.

I hope this clarifies the accessibility of the Adult Student Center to all campus students.  Any questions regarding the facility and its services can be answered by calling 812-941-2650, writing to, or come into the ASC, University Center South, room 206.

Kimberly D. Pelle
Coordinator of Non-Traditional Student Programs/Adult Student Center