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Unexpected state income sparks new Indiana budget negotiations

Unexpected state income sparks new Indiana budget negotiations

Indiana House of Representatives aim for expanding school choice, education and financial relief with House Bill 1001
Garland Noel, Staff Reporter March 26, 2021

What’s going on? After experiencing an unprecedented revenue spike, the Indiana House of Representatives has decided to allocate more funds to education, COVID-19 relief and the Indiana Choice Scholarship...

President Biden’s push to raise the federal minimum wage sparks controversy

President Biden’s push to raise the federal minimum wage sparks controversy

Student workers and economists disagree on possible outcomes of raising federal minimum wage to $15 per hour
Kristen Fallon, Staff Reporter February 11, 2021

President Joe Biden’s push to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour as a part of his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package proposal has sparked lots of controversy, raising tensions between...

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The Keystone XL Pipeline expansion: An opportunity for jobs or an environmental nightmare?

A breakdown of what you need to know about the controversial pipeline expansion
Kat Lynn, Staff Reporter February 5, 2021

Initially commissioned in 2010 and permitted for expansion in 2018, the Keystone Pipeline has now halted construction. This is a big loss for the fossil fuel industry but a huge step toward a healthier...

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President Biden makes big strides in his first week as president

Joe Biden signed off on 30 executive orders during his first few days in office, primarily targeting the COVID-19 pandemic, civil rights, immigration, and climate change
Kristen Fallon, Staff Reporter January 29, 2021

Since the inauguration of President Joseph R. Biden on Jan. 20, his administration has already made significant strides to push his agenda. Within the first three days of his term, President Biden has...

A photo taken of the Coming Together virtual event. Rhonda Wrzenski spoke about the different types of fraud that can occur in elections.

IUS faculty discuss 2020 election uncertainty

Emily Owen, Staff Writer November 6, 2020

IU Southeast faculty members Michael Day, Rhonda Wrzenski, Joe Wert, and Adam Maksl discussed the 2020 Election in a public forum on Wednesday. IUS faculty met virtually at the “Coming Together Event”...

Members of the Political Science Department present the issues for undecided voters

Members of the Political Science Department present the issues for undecided voters

IUS political science professors breakdown the key details of the presidential frontrunners’ platforms
Garland Noel, Erik Hackman, Emily Owen, and Rachel Wood November 2, 2020

If you intend to vote in the 2020 Presidential Election or feel the need to understand the issues behind it, and don't know where to begin, a few of the IUS political science professors have helped The...

Two Generations of Hoosiers and Their Encouragement to Voters

What Two Generations of Hoosiers Are Saying About the Coronavirus With the Upcoming Election
Aubryn Crotchett, Contributing Writer October 30, 2020

Kay Geswein, of Lanesville, Indiana, has voted in-person in every presidential election since the age of 18. In previous elections, Geswein did not fret over who the president would be. Geswein would...

Anthony Hodge, undecided sophomore and Jessica Kay, nursing freshman, waiting in line to pay their bursar bills during the first week of classes.

Partial government shutdown brings financial aid uncertainty

The longest shutdown in our nation’s history has far-reaching impacts
Ashley Smith and Bryce Shreve January 21, 2019

Since midnight on December 22, 2018, the United States federal government has been partially shut down. President Donald Trump won bigly by drawing it out to be the longest shutdown in our nation's history. Around...

Is there value in your vote?

Is there value in your vote?

How the local elections could impact young adults and college students
McKenna Curry and Tessa Arnold November 5, 2018

Though college campuses are typically an epicenter for political debates and current issues, young adults tend to have the lowest voter turnout – especially during midterm elections. In 2016, voter turnout...

Getting to know  your local candidates

Getting to know your local candidates

Profiling the big names on the ballot this Election Day
Bryce Shreve, Staff Reporter November 5, 2018

The day is finally here: Tuesday, Nov. 6, Election Day. At each polling place in Kentuckiana, hundreds and thousands of citizens will wait in line. After signing in, walking up to the booth and looking...

Let me cast my ballot

Let me cast my ballot

Why is it so hard to vote in America?
Shannon Greer, Editor-in-Chief October 21, 2018

In every American politics class, it seems one particular question always comes up – is voting a right or a privilege? The answer, of course, is that it’s a right. The 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution...

Your Kentuckiana Polling Guide

Your Kentuckiana Polling Guide

Here’s a list of ways to find your voting location and how to get there before Election Day on Nov. 6
Brittany Bullard, Staff Reporter October 21, 2018

Finding out where you’re supposed to vote varies from state to state, but you have to know where to go in order to participate in the process. But don’t worry; finding your polling place is simple....

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