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Graduate student Damon Russel power lifting at the IUS fitness center

IUS fitness center receives equipment upgrade

Ashley Smith, Staff Reporter January 21, 2019

The IU Southeast gym is getting a facelift due to a petition that was passed around by Student Government senator Joseph Bortka. The petition received 200 signatures. One of the reasons why Bortka said...

Audrey Schlegel, biology junior at IU Southeast, practicing yoga in her front yard. Her favorite part about yoga is that it brings awareness to her body and mind. Photo by Courtney Sinclaire.

Stressful Times Call for Yoga Poses

McKenna Curry, Staff Reporter September 17, 2018

Reynolds rolls out her yoga mat and places her feet on the soft padding. She feels relaxed, calm and composed﹣feelings that every stressed college student wants to feel. Yoga is a metaphysical discipline...

Kristin Kennedy, social media coordinator, runs in the Eastern Invitational in October 2010. Kennedy ran cross country and track competitively for Corydon Central for six years: two in junior high school and four in high school.

Let me lobby for my hobby: Running

Kristin Kennedy, Social Media Coordinator November 2, 2015

My heart is pounding, sweat is dripping down my face and my legs ache. I push through the pain as I stride down a hill with my pulled-back hair flying behind me. I have been a runner for almost 10 years....

Cut the crap with the gap

Marisa Gartland March 31, 2014

There’s a hashtag that, if searched in certain social media engines such as Instagram and Tumblr, triggers a warning message to pop up on the screen. The warning message prompts the reader for the...

Waterfront park, located between the John F. Kennedy (Interstate 65) and George Rogers Clark Memorial (Second Street) bridges.

Out with staying in, in with getting out

Duncan Cooper March 30, 2014

That moment when the weather begins to change is a breath of fresh air for all those who spent the winter wishing for an early spring. Though cold winter has taken its time in leaving, the new season...

Dr. Christopher Hofelich, interventional cardiologist at Floyd Memorial Hospital, said a healthy lifestyle may seem like a burden now, but is worth it in the long run.

Preventing heart disease with diet and exercise

Erin Mann February 24, 2014

Heart disease has been on the rise, and awareness is an enormous factor when it comes to preventing it and educating the public. American Heart Month, which takes place in February, seeks to brings attention...

Registrar runs back to campus culture

IUS Horizon November 11, 2012

Patrick Fawcett, Registrar, has been working at IU Southeast for six months. He has worked in higher education since 1996. Fawcett said he missed the four-year environment and wanted to be part...

Editor encourages exercise, interaction

IUS Horizon February 19, 2012

It is getting to the point in the year when, generally, everyone is ready for spring. Classes start to drag after the fall semester ends, flu viruses spread as immune systems weaken, and, while we have...

Diet pills provide pointless problems

IUS Horizon February 13, 2012

With more than a month of school underway, most college students are experiencing one unanimous feeling — stress. Overloads of homework and assignments, not to mention the impending doom of midterms...

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