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Lady Tron's diner, a small business found at 147 East Market Street in New Albany.

A tasty take on outer space

Funky '50s diner brings retro space vibes to New Albany
Marc Andry, Staff Reporter March 18, 2019

Sweet and savory aromas rise off Summer Sieg’s grill as Darth Vader watches closely and Yoda keeps an eye on the customers. Seig is the owner and founder of Lady Tron’s, a one-of-a-kind fifties-style...

Pumpkin picking at Huber's Orchard, Vineyard and Winery. Photo by Erin Coffee

Fall Festivities Guide

The best way to celebrate autumn in Kentuckiana
Bryce Shreve, Staff Reporter October 2, 2018

Editors' note: An earlier version of this story confused Joe Huber's Family Farm and Restaurant and the Huber's Orchards Winery and Vineyard. The family farm and restaurant are being sold, but the winery...

Hi-Five Doughnuts is Louisville's first female owned and operated doughnut storefront. Located on 1011 East Main Street in Butchertown, the shop is an especially popular spot for locals with its bright colors and delicious treats.

Ladies of the Morning

Hi-Five Doughnuts changes the face of food creativity
Lydia Wieczorek, Staff Reporter March 1, 2018

Just like their namesake, Hi-Five Doughnuts says their business is that of a friendly hands-on celebration of sweet indulgence and an ode to Louisville pride. Hi-Five said they wanted to shy away...

8 Unique Menu Items in Kentuckiana

8 Unique Menu Items in Kentuckiana

These aren't your average dishes
Chandler Cooper, Content Editor January 5, 2018

Kentuckiana is home to a wide variety of local and chain restaurants with unconventional food items to keep locals and visitors on their toes. In this interactive map, you can explore local dishes receiving...

What are IUS students thankful for?

Macy Allgeier, Staff Reporter November 23, 2017

Students at IU Southeast reveal what they're thankful for this Thanksgiving as well some of their favorite Thanksgiving foods and traditions.

In Search of a Great Meal

In Search of a Great Meal

A profile of former Courier-Journal food critic Marty Rosen.
Joseph Kauffman, Staff Writer March 9, 2015

The glasses sparkle. The silverware shines. The grill sizzles and liquids bubble and boil within their pots and pans. The smells are like traveling salesmen, wafting through the air and beckoning you to...

Editor discovers horror in meat-packing industry

IUS Horizon March 11, 2012

The meat industry is one of the largest food industries in America. It is also one of the most misleading and unethical industries. Why do people eat meat? It contains essential nutrients, it is...

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