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Photo illustration provided by Corey Sims.

Recbar 812 powering up downtown New Albany

Bryce Shreve, Managing Editor September 3, 2019

New Albany’s Pearl Street will soon be home to an expansion of Louisville’s popular arcade-bar known as Recbar. The New Albany Recbar location will occupy more than double the square footage of...

The World of Esports

Tyler Clerkin, Staff Writer February 15, 2017

With the evolution of technology over the years, video games have evolved more than ever. When video games were first created back in 1958, there were never any major competitions going on for large sums...

New technology showcased at Game On 1.5

Brandon Looney, Staff Reporter January 31, 2016

During this semester’s Game On technology festival, called Game On 1.5!, students, faculty and staff used the Oculus Rift, a system for virtual reality, to explore the capabilities of virtual reality...

Gaming on a snow day

Gaming on a snow day

Duncan Cooper, Staff March 5, 2015

It’s round two, students of IU Southeast. Snow is burying us once more, and we now face the choice –yet again, unfortunately- of deciding whether we will find a way to entertain ourselves or simply...

Gaming website offers entertainment for a good cause

Hannah Ash July 19, 2013

    They practice for hours–memorizing paths and working to avoid unnecessary obstacles to improve their times. It is not always an easy race to the finish, but these video game athletes...

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