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Safe sex aids in preventing STDs

Safe sex aids in preventing STDs

Tassy Payne, Staff Reporter

November 28, 2015

Six boxes of Little Caesar’s Hot and Ready Pizza and Kroger’s ice tea fed the physical hunger while a discussion about safe sex fulfilled students’ sexual hunger. IU Southeast’s Gay-Straight Alliance and sociology club sponsored their first safe sex panel Tuesday, Nov. 17. The clubs invit...

Stop teaching hatred start preaching acceptance

Gail Faustyn

October 11, 2013

Oppression is something that America has gotten quite good at. While we may be the good ole “land of the free” we are also the land of the selective. You are free to be who you want in this country, so long as you understand the repercussions that will follow. For centuries America has quietly dealt with civil rights issues from s...

GSA shows pride at Louisville parade

Members of the IU Southeast Gay-Straight Alliance showed their colors in the Kentuckiana Pride Parade June 14. Banner holders from left to right: Justin Armenta, psychology junior, Mallory Murphy, international business and marketing sophomore, Dylan Kidwell, English and French sophomore and GSA President, Calvin Barron, education sophomore, Geoff Hutton, vocal performance alumnus and Amanda Abell, general studies alumna.

Aprile Rickert

July 7, 2013

Members of the IU Southeast Gay-Straight Alliance gathered with nearly 1,000 others in downtown Louisville on June 14 to march in the Kentuckiana Pride Parade. The annual parade is part of the two-day Pride Festival that celebrates the diversity of members and friends of the LGBT community.  Many...

GSA notes acceptance of campus sexuality

IUS Horizon

August 26, 2012

IU Bloomington received a five out of five for being accepting of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual students and staff members, according to their website on LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate Index. Of the various campuses, IU Southeast is not listed on the site. However, since IU Bloomington...