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IU Southeast mens and womens basketball teams kick off homecoming

IU Southeast men’s and women’s basketball teams kick off homecoming

Ashley Smith, staff reporter November 9, 2016

As the band played, the people in the stands cheered and signs were waved, the excitement that filled the gym fueled the players to play hard at the IU Southeast homecoming game Nov. 5th. The women’s...

Grenadiers claw at Cougars

IUS Horizon December 2, 2012
The IUS men’s basketball team defeated Mid-Continent University in their fifth game of the season on Nov. 17. The narrow victory brought their record to 3-2. Tyrell Means, sophomore guard, scored 14 points for the Grenadiers. “I feel like I did what was needed,” Means said. “I played a lot harder than I usually do. I’m glad I could help the team.”

New players magnify vitality of IUS team

IUS Horizon November 5, 2012
The IUS men’s basketball team has only one remaining starting player from last season, Jake Simpson, sophomore guard. Simpson said the new team is practicing, and, with hard work and determination, they should be able to continue to lead on the IUS men’s basketball legacy. “We are going to have to pick up on a lot of things because we’re young,” Simpson said. “We have a whole new system and a lot of players from different schools.”

IUS men get over-confident

IUS Horizon March 5, 2012
The IUS men’s basketball team played St. Louis College of Pharmacy during the first round of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Tournament on, Feb. 25. IU Southeast was ranked No. 14 in the tournament. The Grenadiers started out the first half slow. Both teams were close in points during most of the first half, but the St. Louis Eutectics were up by four.

Grenadiers prey on Eagles

IUS Horizon February 26, 2012
IU Southeast dominated Cincinnati Christian University on Feb. 9 in the Activities Building with a 112-68 point win. During the first few seconds of the game, Kegan Clark, sophomore forward, made a 2-point basket. A few seconds later, Brice Mitchell, junior forward, shot another 2-point basket.

Rivals race to rack up points

IUS Horizon February 20, 2012
The Grenadiers celebrated homecoming with a 110-76 win over Alice Lloyd Eagles on Feb. 11 in the Activities Building. The win brought the IU Southeast Grenadiers record to 19-7 and 9-1 in the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. This win was the fifth consecutive win at home for the IUS men’s basketball team. The Grenadiers started the game with a strong lead on the Eagles. Both teams played a defensive game, resulting in 39 shots from the free throw line.

Grenadiers beat down Brescia

IUS Horizon January 23, 2012
IUS Grenadiers walked away from their home court with the win 85-60 to Brescia University on Jan. 10. During the first quarter, the screams, shouts and excitement from the Brescia and IUS fans brought a lot of energy to the game. Vigorous amounts of speed and moves from both teams’ players left the scores 39-24, partially due to rebounds and passes. by Joe Lawson, sophomore forward, The score did nothing but upset Brescia’s fans and encourage the players to play harder. However, Wes Cox, sophomore guard, came in with a couple of three pointers leaving the score 46-36 with the Grenadiers leading. Antoine Watson, senior forward, said he stays motivated when it comes to basketball.

Grenadiers donate bikes to tykes

IUS Horizon January 23, 2012
During the winter break, the IUS men’s basketball team kept busy by adding wins to their 13-6 record but also found time to give back to the community. The team, led by Wiley Brown, IUS men’s head basketball coach, partnered with the New Albany-Floyd County Parks Department to provide new bicycles to 25 children in need. The bikes were provided by an anonymous donor. “It’s a good program,” Brown said. “With all this diabetes, high blood pressure and all the stuff going on with the kids these days, I think it is definitely a good situation that they can get out and ride their bike and have fun.”

Too much to handle: Grenadiers dominate with duct tape

IUS Horizon November 28, 2011
The No. 24 ranked IUS men’s basketball team defeated Purdue University Calumet Peregrines, 88-71, on Nov. 11. This was the third annual Indiana University and Purdue University Challenge. This was the Grenadiers third win in a row, and they remained undefeated through three games at home.

Grenadiers claim victory over Purdue North Central

IUS Horizon November 28, 2011
The IUS men’s basketball team won their finale in the IU-PU Challenge against Purdue North Central with a score of 88-60 on Nov. 12 in the Activities Building. This is the third year in a row IU Southeast has won the challenge by winning all four games. “Whenever we get a win, it’s good,” Wiley Brown, IUS men’s basketball head coach, said. “We didn’t play good though. We fouled too many times, and we need to pass more.”
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