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Illustration by Shelby Pennington.

IUS plans to add more changing stations in restrooms on campus

The changing stations will be added to restrooms in target areas on campus by the fall 2020 semester
Aubryn Crotchett, Staff Reporter March 20, 2020

Following the menstrual care products story in a previous issue of The Horizon, individuals throughout the IUS community began to ask when IU Southeast would start to include changing stations in every...

The Adult Student Center is located on the top floor of University Center South in room 206.

A Valuable Resource for Non-Traditional Students

Randi McDole, Staff Reporter February 18, 2017

Every student has a different situation. Some students live on campus, some students commute, some students have jobs and some students focus all their time on education. No matter a student’s situation,...

he Adult Student Center,  located in University Center South Room 206, is a multi-purpose facility open 24/7.

Breaking the Tradition: NTSU week

27.8 percent of all students at IU Southeast are considered non-traditonal. The National Center for Education Statistics does not have a precise definition for non-traditional student but suggest that part-time status and age are common elelments.
Erin Mann, Staff November 17, 2014

Being a father, working, owning a business and going to school part-time, is a lot to juggle for James Horsley, biology senior, and so many other non-traditional students like him, but they aren’t alone. "I...



Melissa Spaide, Contributing writer August 27, 2014

Online classes are beginning to gain momentum at IUS. More online class options are being added each semester to keep with the rising demand, Mary Beth Nanz, assistant registrar, said. There can be many...

Coordinator assists with family-oriented programs

IUS Horizon February 7, 2012

Kimberly Pelle, coordinator for Non-Traditional Student Programs and Family Parent and Children Programs, is a popular face around campus. She works with students who have their own families, and she...

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