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Studying Abroad Through IU Southeast

The 2017 Field Biology program will return to Jordan for the 2017 spring semester.

Tony Pacheco and Jewell Conner

December 4, 2016

Touring the streets of Paris. Climbing to the top of Notre Dame. Riding a camel in the desert. Swimming in the Dead Sea. IU Southeast offers study abroad programs that allow students to study around the world. Omar Attum, associate professor of biology, Valerie Scott, senior lecturer in psychology and...

Professor inspired by Middle Eastern wildlife

IUS Horizon

September 11, 2011

Every year, Omar Attum, assistant professor of biology, teaches students about Middle Eastern culture and wildlife during their travels on research trips to the Middle East. Last semester, Attum and 11 students visited Dana, Jordan, where they camped in a protected area, observed wildlife and interacted with the local culture. ...