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Tony Pacheco, Digital Editor (Fall 2017); Content Editor (Spring 2017) ; News Editor (Fall 2017) ; Staff Reporter (Spring 2016)

My name is Anthony, but I go by Tony. I'm a California native but I've been living in Kentucky since graduating from high school. I am majoring in history and journalism and hope to combine these two fields in my future career. I am most passionate about traveling. I have been all over the world but for me nothing compares to the natural beauty of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. My second passion is powerlifting. I've competed in local, regional and national competitions across the Eastern United States. On a side note, I am not as angry as I look in the photo!

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Creative Commons  illustration featuring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

A Broken System

Tony Pacheco, News Editor
October 19, 2016
Tony Pacheco attempting a 227.5 kg deadlift (501 lbs.).

Getting Smarter, Not Weaker

Tony Pacheco, News Editor
August 25, 2016
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