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15 ways to avoid the freshman 15

Samantha Frazier August 28, 2013

We have all heard of it: the dreaded Freshman 15. We’ve probably all seen it happen, too. And it’s not just to freshmen. So why does it happen? Patrick Hardy, bachelor of science in health and human...

California vacation offers life changing advice

Samantha Frazier August 26, 2013

This summer, I thought I would change. I went on a trip a fortune teller predicted would be spiritual. She said it would give me the answers I’d been looking for, and I couldn’t have been more excited,...

Student quits school, comes back ready to collect bet

IUS Horizon December 2, 2012
Laura Caruso, communication senior, has not had a typical college experience. She has not attended college for four straight years or been ready to graduate, until now. However, she said this long, winding journey through school was not due to a lack of motivation, but rather to a plan for the future Caruso said she first attended IU Southeast straight out of high school in 2005, took a break after 2008 to put her husband, Michael, through classes at Purdue University and returned in 2011. “It’s a big deal to me that I actually got myself back here, and I’m balancing — sometimes horribly — making sure my husband has food and getting good grades,” she said.

Grade inflation questionable at IUS

IUS Horizon December 2, 2012
Grade inflation — the trend of colleges rewarding students with higher grades than in the past — is a phenomenon affecting many of the nation’s institutes of higher education. However, as for IU Southeast, it is hard to tell whether or not this event is occurring on campus. “I don’t know if there is any evidence that [grade inflation] exists here at IUS,” said Joe Wert, dean of the School of Social Sciences. “It may, but I haven’t seen anything that makes me think that yes, there definitely is.”

Omelet cook gets batty in different states during summer

IUS Horizon December 2, 2012
Brian Dennis, biology sophomore, said he is known as the guy who cooks the omelets to many IUS students. In fact, Dennis has been working the morning shift in the Food Court all semester, but this is merely a break from his other “batty” job. During summer breaks, Dennis trades his cooking utensils in for tracking devices and nets. His work no longer centers on the needs of students, but on the needs of wild bats. And just as Bruce Wayne’s work as an entrepreneur is merely a side job from being Batman, Dennis’ omelet work is a side job from being his own form of “Batman.”

Farmer’s daughter influenced by life’s travels

IUS Horizon November 25, 2012
Most students think of two things for the first day of classes: syllabuses and self-introductions. For many, reading the syllabus is the easy part and coming up with something interesting to say is not. For lack of better alternatives, most end up just blurting out that they have a cat or like to watch TV. There are some people, though, whose unique answers seem destined for the task. If still a student, Audrey Deterding, assistant professor of communication studies, would be one of those people. “I’d probably say that I have four sisters because it’s something kind of unique, and it would be something that people remember,” Deterding said.

Students collaborate work with new hub

IUS Horizon October 21, 2012
The IT Department added two new collaboration hub tables on the second floor lounge of Hillside Hall. Finished just a week before fall classes began, this source of technology allows students to share individual work from their laptops through a big screen TV. “This is brand new for this campus,” Tom Sawyer, chief information officer for the IT Department, said. “This is as good as you’re going to see anywhere in the country,” Sawyer said. “Nobody else has done it. The company that put this together for us had never done one like this.” The collaboration hub tables work by letting up to four students connect their laptops or tablets to the TV screen by connecting a chord to their computers. The chords are kept in a small black box on the table, which also brings up a touch screen panel.

IUS organizations harvest fun for local children

IUS Horizon October 14, 2012
Amid inflatables, roasted corn stands, several strollers and attendees dressed in sweatshirts and jeans, there was a princess walking around IU Southeast’s Fall Festival on Oct. 7. Little did she know her validity was about to be tested by an inquisitive young girl. “Are you a real princess?” the girl asked.

Students experience Asian culture

IUS Horizon October 7, 2012
Recently, a group of IUS students were able to visit Asia by simply riding a bus. Valerie Scott, senior lecturer in psychology, took her Psychology 451 class to the Crane House in Louisville where they immersed themselves in Asian culture. Also known as the Asia Institute, the Crane House provided the class with their first trip of the year. “It’s nice to get out of the classroom,” Emily Merk, nursing junior, said. “It’s nice to actually see what we are learning about.”

Ukulele player entertains IUS students

IUS Horizon September 30, 2012
Smells of meatballs rose and filled the air in The Commons. Sounds of chatter joined in. Students scrambled to get that last piece of homework done while scarfing down whatever they could of their salads and baked potatoes. Then it came. An unfamiliar sound had entered the mix. It was the sound of the beach. It was the sound of a ukulele. It was the sound of Mike Sullivan.

IUS Sports Network goes viral with live feed

IUS Horizon September 23, 2012
Grenadier sports fans now have another reason to cheer. The IUS Athletics Department has launched an online network, which allows fans to stream live games. The Grenadier Sports Network is the brainchild of Joe Glover, athletic director, and Stephen Utz, sports information director.

Tennis player recognized for academics

IUS Horizon September 9, 2012
Evan Biesterveld, criminal justice senior, said he does not play hooky. He plays tennis. Biesterveld admits he can honestly say he has never skipped a single class in his college career. He has only missed to compete in tennis matches.
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