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We stand against the SGA senator’s bathroom proposal – you should, too.

The Horizon Editorial Board April 15, 2019

The bathroom legislation proposed by a member of the IUS Student Senate is at best thinly veiled bigotry and is at worst a poor attempt to disenfranchise some of our most marginalized students. The...

Crime, Boxing and The American Way

Gail Faustyn February 24, 2014

In one corner, standing at a whopping 160 pounds, the man who has been convicted on several counts of animal cruelty, possession and driving under the influence. In the opposing corner, weighing in at...

Election results prove to be bittersweet

IUS Horizon November 11, 2012
Four more years under President Barack Obama – let us all release a collective sigh of relief. Or for those of you who did not vote for him, a collective groan. This election became a real-life Saturday Night Life skit with former Gov. Mitt Romney saying things that Jason Sudeikis could not even write. Binders, bayonets and Big Bird. Oh My.

Inconsistent voting laws cause difficulties for voters

IUS Horizon November 5, 2012
The campaign trails of both presidential candidates have left many citizens informed on who to vote for come Election Day, but few of them are aware of various voting laws pertaining to each state. Because voting laws differ from state to state, problems can arise from an ill-informed public, causing their voices to go unheard due to lack of consistency. Much of this confusion comes from the fact that individual states have the ability to enforce their own voting laws. While federal voting laws, such as the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, regulate equality and convenience, state laws make up most conditions for voting.

College — no place for easy A’s

IUS Horizon October 21, 2012
As students graduate high school and plan to take on the next milestone by attending college, some are often plagued with the naive belief that college will be the same as high school. For instance, in high school, some students may not have had to put much effort into achieving an A on a test, but, in college, grades are supposed to be rigorously earned. One should expect the standard would increase at a higher institution of learning in regard to academic success and the motivation to try.

Education needed to see eye to eye with guide dogs

IUS Horizon October 7, 2012
Without a steering wheel or both eyes on the road, Tanya Decoux, criminal justice junior, maneuvers herself around campus. Her vehicle guides her around campus while a student tosses some food toward to the ground. Fortunately, her vehicle – a dog – is not at a busy street intersection as the food distracts the guide dog and jeopardizes the safety of the passenger.

IUS improves despite enrollment drop

IUS Horizon September 23, 2012
IU Southeast enrollment is down 4.9 percent from last year; however, there are misconceptions about the reasoning for this decrease. IU Southeast should not be blamed or punished for the factors which have led to the low student retention. For the past three years, IU Southeast’s enrollment has skyrocketed, giving the campus its highest enrollment numbers. However, the decrease in fall enrollment was expected. Chancellor Sandra Patterson-Randles said the enrollment drop from 7,256 students to 6,904 is due to a “perfect storm.”

Editors come out for civil rights, acceptance

IUS Horizon August 26, 2012
During the summer, gay rights and marriage equality has been talked about in the news and political arenas. Even some companies, such as Chick-Fil-A and Oreo’s rainbow cookie, have come out against it or in support of it. It has caused a lot of controversy on both sides, from people refusing to eat at Chick-Fil-A and others boycotting Oreo because of their support. It is not a surprise to us that Chick-Fil-A came out against gay equality. They are a Christian-founded company and have kept it that way for more than 66 years; however, their support and donations of millions of dollars to anti-gay, hate groups and organizations claiming they can cure homosexuality is what sent a lot of people over the edge about it.
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