Crime, Boxing and The American Way

Gail Faustyn

In one corner, standing at a whopping 160 pounds, the man who has been convicted on several counts of animal cruelty, possession and driving under the influence. In the opposing corner, weighing in at 204 pounds, the 30-year-old man who just recently caused the death of a 17-year-old boy.

The former famous rapper who recently filed for bankruptcy, the one, the only — D-M-X. The other, the merciless monster of Manassas, Mr. George Zimmerman.

And the crowd goes wild.

Out of a list of 15,000 willing applicants hoping to punch Zimmerman’s face in, DMX was the luckiest boy in America, picked personally by Zimmerman to fight him in what he has dubbed as a “celebrity” boxing match. The two would go head to head in a three-round Internet pay-per-view-only telecast. The fight was schedule to take place March 1, but was called off on Feb. 10.

Just like his most notorious song “X Gonna Give it to Ya,” DMX is quoted saying in an interview with TMZ, just exactly what his plans were for Zimmerman.

“I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f— him right up” DMX said. “I would not be boxing for me – I would be fighting on behalf of every black person who has been done wrong by the system.”

Additionally, he also told the celebrity news site that he was going to piss on Zimmerman’s face.

As pleasant as he is, DMX hasn’t been musically relevant since 2003. His lasting fame, however, came in June of 2004.

At the John F. Kennedy airport, he crashed his SUV through a security gate to avoid paying a $9 toll. When airport security approached him, he explained that he was a federal agent and said to “leave him the [explicative] alone.” Immediately proceeding, he remained in his federal agent character and told an individual nearby that he needed his vehicle for “federal agent things.” When the police finally arrived on scene, they arrested him, finding quite a few crack rocks in his car.

He’s stolen a police car, he has 12 children by various mothers, he’s bought $15 worth of marijuana from an undercover cop, and more importantly, he had an album called “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot.” And he’s still not anywhere near a prison. Does he really think that the “system” is wronging him and that this fight will correct it?

But wait, there’s more.

In an interview with TMZ, Zimmerman ever-so-humbly admitted the entire three-round idiot match was his own idea.

Press releases for the match were strewn all over the Internet enabling anyone to submit an application to punch who is likely one of the most hated faces in the U.S. All you had to do was e-mail

To Zimmerman, though, this was all a joke and horrific publicity stunt. In every photo about this, he had this sort of shit-eating grin on his face, kind of like he just got away with murder. It almost looks like he is proud of what he has done.

“I’ll fight anyone, even black people,” he said in his first interview with TMZ about the match.

Since his acquittal, Zimmerman has said that he feels that he is free to do and say as he pleases and this whole “fighting DMX phase” is just a testament to that.

“Boxing isn’t new to me,” he said to TMZ. “It’s something that I had picked up well before the incident and it’s something that I liked, I enjoyed it and I kept up with it.”

The “incident” he is referring to is THE DEATH a child — that isn’t an incident. Though he pleaded not guilty and was acquitted of the death of Martin, he shouldn’t be reaping benefits from a tragedy, even if he didn’t do it.

Damon Feldman was in charge of coordinating the specifics of this fight. He has promoted other boxing matches between infamous individuals like Jose Canseco, Rodney King, Tanya Harding and Willie Aames.

However, in 2010, Feldman was charged with six counts of staging these fighting events in the Philadelphia area without a valid promoters license, which violated the state’s Boxing Act. It seems like Zimmerman and Feldman are a match made in hell.

I guess birds of a feather (who happen to have a vague criminal record) really do flock together.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Feldman first announced the match on Tuesday, Feb. 4, just one day before what would have been Treyvon Martin’s 19th birthday. While the Martin family and friends are mourning his loss, trying to forget the face that so easily took their child’s life, George Zimmerman is planning a boxing match. That is, in every sense of the word, disgusting.

“I didn’t know when his birthday was,” Feldman said. “I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.”

Just by saying he “didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings” proves how big of an asshole he is. He might as well have just said, “That sucks that your kid had been shot — that must have really hurt your feelings, huh?”

These three men, who have been thrust into the public’s eye, know nothing about remorse, integrity or empathy. Frankly I’m not sure what scares me more, the fact that this almost happened or that people actually cared more about it than an election. In fact, people cared enough to send a petition to end this to the White House.

The fact that a Facebook page titled “Cancel George Zimmerman’s ‘Celebrity’ Boxing Match,’” had 326,000 “likes,” which is significantly higher than the official Facebook page for Hillary Clinton, having only 258,994 as of Feb. 20.

I’m not saying the two are related at all, I just don’t understand how it happened.

Overall, I’m not sure what to make of all this. All I know is that it’s stupid bewildering things like this that keep me up at night.