The Horizon

Students, not customers

Illustration by Hector Cassanova / Tribune News Service

Charlyn Corum, Staff Reporter

March 7, 2016

Free does not always mean better. Senator Bernie Sanders’ College for All Act states that all students deserve to go to college tuition and debt free no matter how much money their parents make. The act, which would only apply to public colleges and universities, would make college tuition free by...

IU Southeast to begin flat-rate tuition for full-time students

IU Southeast to begin flat-rate tuition for full-time students

Joel Stinnett, Staff Reporter

November 26, 2015

An IU Southeast education will have added value for some students beginning in fall 2016. Indiana University announced Wednesday that its regional campuses – including IU Southeast – will be moving to a flat-rate tuition in an effort to minimize student debt and incentivize students to graduate...

Tuition freeze only at Bloomington

Tuition freeze only at Bloomington

Hannah Foreman, Staff Reporter

September 21, 2015

The Indiana University Bloomington campus experienced a freeze this past summer but not in the weather. As of June 3rd, IU Bloomington tuition rates will be frozen and will not be increased for the next two years for undergraduate students who live in Indiana. Out-of-state residents attending IU Bloomington...

College — no place for easy A’s

IUS Horizon

October 21, 2012

As students graduate high school and plan to take on the next milestone by attending college, some are often plagued with the naive belief that college will be the same as high school. For instance, in high school, some students may not have had to put much effort into achieving an A on a test, but,...

IUS tuition increases 3.3 percent

IUS Horizon

August 28, 2011

IU Southeast’s tuition was raised 3.3 percent, a rate which will continue for the next two years. The proposal was approved by the IU Board of Trustees on May 31. Due to lack of funding, the university has experienced a reduction of $1.7 million in state appropriation for this biennium and the ...