Colophon: 2012-2013

IUS Horizon

The following is a collective list of things that have helped put together The Horizon this year.

1. Qdoba.
2. Accidental Innuendos
ie. Double Teamed, “The Louisville-based percussion ensemble opened the event by pounding the crowd into a rhythym and stirring the Ogle Center”

3. Sex Columns.

4. Teaching Kim Kerby about dubsteb.

5. Gail Faustyn’s headline ideas,
ie. “One, Two, Three Strikes You’re Billy Beane”

6. Claire Munn’s dance moves.

7. ‘90s Pandora radio.

8. Disney music.

9. Faulty office equipment.

10. Ice cream cake….wait we never got that.

11. Notes from editors past.

12. Tears.

13. Sassy Stephen.

14. Jimmy John’s delivery boy.

15. Motivated by thoughts of The Back Door.

16. Pop-Punk of the early 2000s.

17. Top Heavy.

18. Jim St. Clair.

19. Denim Dixens.

20. Watchdog .

21. Five outdated AP Stylebooks.