Just those three letters

Laura Hubrich

I have one of the best cousins in the world. His name is Joe and I look up to him in every way. Joe lives in New York where he has an amazing job, pays his bills and has so many friends. Joe is one of the most caring, funny, and hard working people I know.

He is just like you and I. LauraFINAL

But Joe is gay.

Oh no, I dropped a bombshell.

Why is that such a terrifying word? What is it about these three letters that sends people into such disarray?

Why should we judge him, hate him, attack him, or deny him basic rights just because of who he chooses to love?

But people tend to not think that way.

People say, “Marriage is between a man and woman ONLY. Read the Bible” blah blah blah.

But is the Bible what they really have a problem with, or is it their minds wondering about what a homosexual does in the bedroom? Because while the Bible may say one thing, that is not the only way something can be done. How many times do people who support the Bible break so many rules that were laid within it?

It’s a hell of a lot more than two people of the same sex who want to LOVE each other.

That’s another word that people don’t understand when they think of the word gay.


Why is it so hard to believe that two men or two women could fall in love with each other? Isn’t this what everyone wants? To live life to the fullest and fall happily in love with someone they could share his or her lives with?

I don’t understand the struggle people have with the idea that two men or two women cannot get married. What is a piece of paper with legal marriage rights doing to you? Last time I checked, a piece of paper and a ring on the finger didn’t threaten your well being, your family’s well being or do anything that would affect your life.

Joe works throughout the week so he can afford his apartment, food, dog, and social life. He always pays his bills. Joe can make you laugh like you’ve never laughed before. He is one of the nicest and most caring people you will ever meet.

But Joe is gay.

That makes him a faggot, promiscuous, and an unworthy person.


Joe being gay makes him Joe. It is who he is and there is nothing wrong with that. I would rather associate myself with someone who is gay and a genuine person than someone who is straight and a bad person.

Who my friends and family are has nothing to do with their sexual orientation— I love them because of who they are as people. Gay or not gay, Joe is a better person than a majority of people I know.

Whether or not you agree with homosexuality, take a second to educate yourself. Read up on the fact that gay parents raise a perfectly healthy child the same way a straight couple could. Read about the fact that more and more LGBT youth are suicidal because of the stereotypes and hate crimes they encounter. Understand that what you say has a consequence and it can hurt.

Understand the LGBT community is full of PEOPLE. They have feelings. They go to school, work, have friends, and want love just as much as someone who is straight does.

LOVEJoe is just like you and I.

But Joe is gay.

And I wouldn’t have him any other way.

Video Platform Editor