Wick’s Pizza comes to New Albany

IUS Horizon

Once known as the Speakeasy, the building in the historic downtown area has a new owner.

Wick’s Pizza, the well-known Louisville restaurant and bar, has made its way to New Albany. It’s the fifth location for Wick’s and the first location in Southern Indiana.

“I have been in the pizza business for seven years,” Chris Ownes, kitchen manager, said. “I was working for Papa John’s and heard of an opportunity to come and join the team.”

Working for only four weeks with the company, Ownes said he really likes it there. He said the setting, the atmosphere, the teamwork among the staff members and the owner is pleasant to work with.

Ownes said he feels that Wick’s has earned the loyalty of its customers.

“I believe that people come to Wick’s Pizza for the customer service and the quality of food,” Ownes said.

The restaurant’s grand opening was on Oct. 7.

Customers flock to Wick’s for many reasons, either for the flat-screen TVs, a fully stocked bar or pizza. The most requested pizza is the “Big Wick.”

“The “Big Wick” has all the meats except ham, all the veggies in a 3-inch deep crust topped with our Presco sauce,” Ownes said.

Having a place where to come enjoy a great meal and and exciting bar scene was something Michael Wickliffe, owner, said he always wanted.

“When I was young I was somewhat of a party boy,” Wickliffe said. “I always had a lot of friends around me and I love the bar scene and good food. So I came up with the idea to do something different and fuse the two.”

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