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We are your citizens, too

We are your citizens, too

Jose Aponte, Interdisciplinary Studies Grad Student; Assistant Director of Student Media

September 19, 2018

Jennifer Ortiz, assistant professor of criminal justice, was not able to reach her grandfather for three months after Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico. He was without power, water or food. The people from the town of Naguabo did what all Puerto Ricans do in times like these, they took ca...

The Predator hunts his way into theaters

The Predator hunts  his way into theaters

Bryce Shreve, Staff Reporter

September 19, 2018

After a summer that featured new films from franchises like The Avengers, Star Wars and Mission Impossible, director Shane Black and 20th Century Fox hope to cash in on our nostalgia fix with 2018’s “The Predator.” However, September is not usually known for incredible box office offerings. Summer b...

A Hero Reborn

Courtesy of Insomniac

Joshua Roy, Staff Reporter

September 19, 2018

Spider-Man for the PS4, developed by Insomniac games, is the developer’s first attempt at a superhero game. The result is a well-paced, beautiful game with solid mechanics and only a few minor problems. One unique quality of Spider-Man is the way he swings around Manhattan effortlessly with his trusty ...

To beef his own

To beef his own

D.T. Richardson, Staff Reporter

September 17, 2018

What’s beef? Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace asked this same question in 1997. In 2018 though, beef seems to be more satisfying than ever. If we want to understand “beef” and its nature, we should ask ourselves, “What’s the meaning of beef anyways? Why is it so appealing in toda...

My Major Problem

My Major Problem

Allison Cloud, Volunteer

September 3, 2018

When you tell people about your major, you’ll get a wide range of responses. For me, some of them are good, but most of them are not. Here are some of the responses I come across regularly as an economics major. “Ew.” Such a small noise that says so much. It has come from friends, peers a...

Are you hungry?

The infamous walk of shame: A walk that begins the night before, filled with excitement and anticipation of what is to come. But what actually defines the walk of shame?

Julie Jackson, Photo/Video Editor

August 23, 2018

It’s 11:52 p.m. on a Thursday night. Your stomach growls. You say to yourself, “I am starving,” so you drive to Taco bell. You order three beefy mini cheese quesadillas, a steak quesadilla and two nacho fries with extra cheese. After scarfing down the meal in the parking lot, you feel a little...

A Free Press: The Foundation of Democracy

A Free Press: The Foundation of Democracy

Horizon Editorial Board

August 22, 2018

One of the foundations of our country is the freedom to express our opinions without persecution and our ability to access free and reliable information. If you threaten those principles, you threaten our democracy. In Washington, D.C., a two-story structure lurks in the Newseum, and on it are the na...

EDITORIAL: ‘Yes, we’re putting out a damn paper’

Journalists' Memorial, Newseum. Washington D.C.

Horizon staff

June 29, 2018

As journalists, our goal is to report the facts and make sense of difficult and confusing situations, and that is what The Capital Gazette did by publishing an issue the day after losing five of their colleagues to an active shooter in Annapolis, Maryland on Thursday. Rebecca Smith, sales assistant; Gerald Fisch...

Marvel delivers jaw-dropping film with “Avengers: Infinity War”

Marvel delivers jaw-dropping film with “Avengers: Infinity War”

Samuel Murphy, Content Editor

May 6, 2018

After 10 years of build up, through 18 films of origin stories, the two preceding “Avengers” films and other crossover events, and hours of on-screen character development, the most ambitious crossover film in cinematic history — “Avengers: Infinity War” — finally hit the big screen on April 27. The film has alread...

Speakeasy series goes off the beaten path

Photo provided by Mr. Lee's

Macy Allgeier, Social Media Editor

April 24, 2018

Last time, I spoke of speakeasies that you can find in hotels around town — Pin + Proof, a fresh, new speakeasy located in the Omni, and the Rathskeller, located in the Seelbach which holds a ton of historical value. This week I am mentioning two speakeasies that are a little more off the beaten pa...

The Honest Scholarship Essay

The Honest Scholarship Essay

Chandler Cooper, Content Editor

April 18, 2018

I write this essay with $14 to my name, a pantry full of ramen noodles and the blackest coffee with a splash of Bailey’s by my side. I haven’t slept in two days. I don’t know what I’m doing in life. I honestly have no clue how I got this far in college. I suppose the premise of this essay is ...

How to Successfully Thunder

Photo used under Creative Commons License. Used with permission.

Meleena Richardson, Staff Reporter

April 15, 2018

The smell of funnel cake and Coors Lite fill the air, vibrations of aircrafts echo over the Ohio River and fireworks fill the sky after the sun sets. Life is good, you’re at Thunder Over Louisville. Kentucky is known for many things, one of which is Thunder Over Louisville, the largest firework ...