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Elijah Lossner

Elijah Lossner, Staff Reporter (Fall 2015); Sports Editor (Spring 2015; Fall 2014)

My name is Elijah Lossner. I have one 15-year-old feline, and a three-year-old human. I was born and raised in west Kentucky (the part where they wear shoes. Most of the time). I have traveled the U.S. and the world (in video games). I am sincerely excited to be a part of journalism in this new age. I was reluctant to put down a newspaper at first and I still love a hard copy, but I embrace the opportunity to contribute to the way we absorb news in the future. It took me a long time to find my passion and I always knew it wouldn't make me a lot of money, but I like the thought of being a part of something bigger.

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