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10 Ways to “Treat Yo’self” this Valentine’s Day

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Paige Thompson and Charlyn Corum

February 9, 2016

Buy snacks and go and watch a movie you have been wanting to see. “How to Be Single,” starring Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson comes out on Feb. 12. Grab some friends and share some laughs. Have a “fancy night” with your friends. Get dressed up and go to a nice restaurant such as The Old Sp...

Journey as an entrepreneur

Jeremy Eiler

Kristin Kennedy, News Editor

January 11, 2016

In late October, business senior Jeremy Eiler traveled to Washington, D.C. and stayed for a couple of days. However, Eiler wasn’t on vacation. He was completing work for a customer relation management software company called Base. Base paid Eiler to fly out so he could review the company’s marketin...

Let me lobby for my hobby: Board games

Let me lobby for my hobby: Board games

Joseph Kauffman, Features Editor

September 21, 2015

I hate the term board games. First off, it too easily lends itself to the joke "bored games." It’s a joke made worse by its apt description of far too many of the family games that dominate most people’s perceptions of the genre. I’m looking at you, "Monopoly." It may have been funny when...