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Uncertain beginnings lead to significant moments

IUS Horizon December 2, 2012
The hardest part is knowing where to begin. I struggled with this difficulty in almost every story I have written for The Horizon. Although some stories lent themselves to easier beginnings than others, finding the most important lead in order to attract readers is something I devote considerable time to as a journalist.

Election Guide 2012

IUS Horizon November 5, 2012

Low student presence creates debate uproar

IUS Horizon October 28, 2012
IU Southeast took center stage on Oct. 23 by serving as the location for a second debate between Indiana Senatorial candidates. Hosted by the Indiana Debate Commission, the event took place in the Ogle Center, where nearly 50 TV and radio stations broadcast a live discussion between Democrat Joe Donnelly, Libertarian Andrew Horning and Republican Richard Mourdock. However, limited seating at the debate caused a low amount of attendance for the IUS community.

Deliberating moderator conduct

IUS Horizon October 21, 2012
The role of moderators has become a severely debated issue during the 2012 presidential election. Numerous questions continue to rise after the recent 2012 debates between President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney, not about their stance on issues, but how well the moderators performed their jobs. Many believe moderators should play a minimal part in the debate, with one Fox News contributor claiming they need to blend in more with the furniture.

Campus sells awareness from worlds apart

IUS Horizon October 14, 2012
The IUS community traveled abroad and experienced international lifestyles by visiting the Hoosier Room during the annual Wares of the World event. Hosted by the International Program, the event took place on Oct. 10 and 11 and featured an array of fair trade items from across the world, including jewelry from Peru, purses from Guatemala and scarves from Nepal. The items were provided by Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade retailer that creates a market for artisan products to be sold.

Advisers round up students for wild week

IUS Horizon September 30, 2012
As the schedule of classes became available for spring semester, advisers saddled up and reined in students during the Wild, Wild Week of Advising. The third annual Advising Week took place from Sept. 24-27 and featured a western appearance, where students were able to find out information about classes, when registration appointments started and the importance of advising. Christina Thompson, academic adviser for the Advising Center for Exploratory Students, said advisers are the best resources and advocates on campus for students.

Firms account for networking value

IUS Horizon September 30, 2012
Accounting majors multiplied their networking skills with local businesses during a Career Day event on campus. Hosted by the Career Development Center, students participated in a two-part event where they met face-to-face with employers and listened to speeches from professionals. Lynn Prinz, assistant director for the Career Development Center, said the opportunity to network is the most important aspect of these types of events.

IUS promotes political activism

IUS Horizon September 23, 2012
Students discovered how to become more involved and better informed in politics during “Constitution Day: Powering the Individual Citizen,” hosted by the IUS Civil Liberties Union. The event featured a panel of IUS political science professors and a representative from the American CLU of Indiana who shared ways students can take an active stance in government. Stephon Moore, political science and journalism sophomore and president of the IUS CLU, said Constitution Day should be important to students because it impacts their everyday lives.

License fraud handicaps ethical choices

IUS Horizon September 23, 2012
A driver’s capability to operate a vehicle is hindered by the limits of his physical and mental conditions, equating sometimes to a handicapped license. However, it seems more and more individuals are abusing this system for their own personal pleasures rather than their needs. According the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, qualifications for a disability parking placard include temporary or permanent damage requiring the use of wheelchairs or crutches, loss of use in either legs or restricted mobility due to cardiovascular disability or neurological impairment.

Parties approach convention on opposite terms

IUS Horizon September 9, 2012
In the last few weeks, the beginning of the 2012 presidential race was fully initiated and created the head way needed to lead America to Election Day. Through events that occurred at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, each party presented its candidate for office, as well as its platform for policy and political plans. However, despite these two purposes, nothing between the RNC and DNC came across as similar. This became apparent in not only speeches given by delegates and candidates but also the tone of each setting and even the environment.

SAF plummets for new school year

IUS Horizon August 26, 2012
For the first time since 2004, the Student Activity Fee took a significant drop, with 11 percent of the budget being cut from the total amount. The SAF is a fee all students must pay and is determined per credit hour for up to 12 credit hours. This year, the budget for the SAF totaled $742,852 compared to last year’s $828,452 — a more than $85,000 difference. Anne Skuce, interim vice chancellor of Student Affairs, said the decrease was due to not only low enrollment rates in the spring, but also the discount on summer tuition this year.

Smoking ban draws out stricter rules

IUS Horizon August 26, 2012
A new Indiana law was introduced this summer that will have consequences on smokers at IU Southeast. Effective as of July 1, this law bans smoking within eight feet of any public building. Individuals who are caught smoking within eight feet of a public building on campus, such as Knobview or Crestview, will be cited for an infraction. “The fee won’t be toward the university because it is a state law,” Charlie Edelen, IUS Police chief, said. “If we do cite somebody for that, they’d be going to Floyd County and paying a fee.”
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